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eMarketer Attention! 2015 Agenda

October 27, 2015


Breakfast, Networking & Registration


Welcome Remarks & High-Level Overview

There’s no company that offers a more comprehensive view of the digital landscape than eMarketer—and there’s no one with a better understanding of how it all fits together than eMarketer Co-Founder Geoff Ramsey. In his rapid-fire, signature style, Geoff will kick things off with some key questions, highlights and data points to keep in mind over the course of the day.

Presenter: Geoff Ramsey, Co-founder and chief innovation officer, eMarketer


Keynote: Attention Isn’t Free—So What’s the Real Cost?

We go to bed with our smartphones. We watch video clips while waiting in line. We’re surrounded by screens, messages and plays for our attention—but what happens when people push back and try to “reclaim” mental time and space? Philosopher, cultural critic and motorcycle fabricator Matthew B. Crawford challenges us to think about consumer attention as if it were a finite resource—one as precious as air or water.

Keynote speaker: Matthew B. Crawford, Author, “The World Beyond Your Head: On Becoming an Individual in an Age of Distraction”

Keynote interviewer: Michael Learmonth, Global Tech Editor, International Business Times


Data Point: Attention Overload

What does media overload look like? eMarketer’s Ezra Palmer breaks down the media consumption habits of the average American and highlights the ways that consumer attention is being compromised by overuse.

Presenter: Ezra Palmer, Chief content officer, eMarketer


New Video, New Rules

Platforms like Vine, Instagram and Twitch are changing the rules when it comes to video. Individual content creators have just as much appeal -- if not more -- than established companies, and brands that want attention are eager to partner with them. But what does success look like? And how do creator-centric campaigns work at scale? Join eMarketer analyst Paul Verna, Rob Fishman, co-founder of Twitter's Niche creator network, and one star from Vine, for a candid conversation about the intersection of brands and social video.

Speaker: Paul Verna, Senior analyst, eMarketer

Speaker: Rob Fishman, Co-founder of Twitter's Niche creator network

Speaker: Robby Ayala, Vine content creator


Are Millennials Paying Attention to Any of Your Messages?

They’re blocking ads, they’re skipping television in greater and greater numbers, they’re mobile all the time, and they’re probably not really paying attention to anything you want them to. We’ll be joined by a group of marketers and publishers who have cracked the code of capturing and keeping millennials’ attention.

Moderator: Tina Wells, CEO, Buzz Marketing Group

Panelist: Simon Isaacs, Co-founder, Fatherly

Panelist: Kathryn Minshew, CEO & Founder, The Muse

Panelist: Hilary duPont, Social Media Strategy & Management, Chobani

Panelist: Apu Gupta, CEO & Co-founder, Curalate


Networking Break & Book Signing

Matthew B. Crawford will be on hand to sign copies of his latest book, “The World Beyond Your Head,” for attendees.

Midday "Theater In The Round"

Short, quick and interactive, we’ve broken up the day with discussions that will get attendees out of their seats and into problem-solving mode. The conversations will be seeded with brief eMarketer presentations that offer data, and guided by the industry’s best thinkers.

Host: Geoff Ramsey


Thought-Starter: Ad Avoidance

From ad-blockers on desktop and mobile, to the “skip ad” button on YouTube—consumers have an increasing number of ways to avoid even the best-crafted ad campaigns. eMarketer analyst Lauren Fisher provides an overview of the many, many, many ways that ads are not being watched.

Presenter: Lauren Fisher, Analyst, eMarketer


Discussion: Ad Avoidance

Industry leaders discuss the burgeoning dangers of technology-enabled ad avoidance, and what it means for marketers.

Discussion leader: Walt Horstman, President, AudienceXpress

Discussion leader: Ritu Trivedi, VP, Packaging Strategy and Solutions, AOL

Discussion leader: Husani Oakley, CTO, Goldbean

Discussion leader: Lauren Boyer, Partner & CEO, Underscore


Thought-Starter: Mobile – The Distracted Now

More than half of all digital time is spent with mobile devices, and more than half of that mobile time is smartphone time. Meanwhile, much of that mobile time is part of a matrix of simultaneous media usage. How much messaging on mobile devices is getting through to your audience? eMarketer breaks it down.

Presenter: Bryan Yeager, Analyst, eMarketer


Discussion: Getting Mobile Audience Attention (And Keeping It)

Our break-out discussion groups will share real world challenges and success stories in addressing the new reality of a mobilized, multi-screen audience.

Discussion leader: M. Scott Havens, Senior Vice President of Digital, Time Inc.

Discussion leader: Terri Walter, CMO, Kargo

Discussion leader: Martin Lange, Global Consulting Partner, Digital Innovation Practice, OgilvyRED

Discussion leader: Jon Suarez-Davis, Chief Marketing & Strategy Officer, Krux


Keynote: Is Virtual Reality the Next Attention Frontier?

Virtual reality is more than just science fiction. Companies like Samsung, the NFL, and the NBA have all “gone virtual” in the past year -- and Facebook’s Oculus Rift will bring the immersive experience home in 2016. But what’s the real payoff, and is it worth it for other brands? VR expert and entertainment exec Nancy Bennett thinks so, and with stats and best practices, she’ll make the case for why VR truly is the next frontier in consumer attention.

Keynote speaker: Nancy Bennett, Chief content officer, Two Bit Circus


Lunch and Virtual Reality Demos

The future is here. Give virtual reality some attention with the latest headsets and a fully immersive experience powered by Two Bit Circus.


Keynote: The Science of Attention (Or How Information Shapes Our Brains)

Our brains may be the product of millions of years of evolution, but our neural pathways and synapses often behave like primitive lizards. And these primal instincts are what make some things—think apps, shows and products—irresistible, while others fall flat. Big thinker Patrick Renvoisé sheds light on how our neural systems affect our ability to focus and make choices.

Keynote Speaker: Patrick Renvoise, CEO, SalesBrain


Shorter, Faster, Better? Advertising in the Age of Distraction

Is short-form advertising the only practical solution to winning attention in a media-overloaded world? It works for some advertisers, but is shorter actually always better? And is the industry ready for 6 seconds to become the new standard? eMarketer’s Debra Aho Williamson leads the discussion with brand, agency and ad platform raconteurs.

Moderator: Debra Aho Williamson, Principal analyst, eMarketer

Panelist: Daina Middleton, Head of global business marketing, Twitter

Panelist: Christine Cook, Head of Advertising Partnerships, Flipboard

Panelist: Ian Schafer, Founder and Chairman, Deep Focus

Panelist: Ljubica Chatman, PhD , Senior Researcher, Morton Deutch ICCCR


Data Point: Wearables—The Revolution May Not Be Worn

Once again, Apple seems poised to transform our everyday lives with the Apple Watch—and there are other companies lining up to try and do the same. But the wearable device category may have all the ingredients needed to ignite a technology revolution except one: widespread consumer interest. eMarketer’s Cathy Boyle provides a realistic overview of the market and where opportunities may lie in the future.

Presenter: Cathy Boyle, Analyst, eMarketer


Wearables: Can Marketers Find the Right Fit?

Wearables have grabbed everyone's attention -- but how does advertising fit into the relationship? Is it through utility or content? Does marketing even fit at all? Join Under Armour, one of the first brands to dive deep into wearables, and Mindshare's Life+, an agency dedicated to bridging the gap between wearables and brands, for a fireside chat about finding the right fit between people, advertising, and these oh-so-intimate devices.

Speaker: Doug Ziewacz, Head of North America Media & Advertising, Under Armour Connected Fitness

Speaker: Jeff Malmad, Head of Mobile & Life+, Mindshare


Keynote: Capture, Keep, Monetize: Vox Media’s Formula for Success

Jim Bankoff runs eight of the most successful media brands on the web: SB Nation, The Verge, Polygon, Vox.com, Curbed, Eater, Racked and Re/Code. As the force behind Vox Media, Bankoff has figured out how to get consumer attention. As our closing keynote, he’ll have yours.

Keynote Speaker: Jim Bankoff, Chairman and CEO, Vox Media


Networking Cocktail Party

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