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  • About eMarketer

Our Story

We didn’t start eMarketer to create the most comprehensive source of information on how to do business in a digital world. That was a byproduct.

We started eMarketer because way back in 1996 we believed that digital technology was going to change many things about how we work and play and think – and we wanted to understand that.

That search for understanding led us to review every reputable source of information we could find. (Today, we monitor more than 4,000 sources.)

Then we tried to make sense of all that information – much of it conflicting.

We filtered out what we considered to be less relevant or useful. Then we organized it by subject and geography.

Next we compared the data and perspectives, studied the assumptions and methodologies, and looked for possible sources of bias.

After nearly two years of this, we felt ready to share some of what we had learned, so we published the first eMarketer report.

That report introduced two things that have become the bedrock upon which we built our business.

The first was the now-iconic red-and-black comparative estimate chart that presented data from multiple sources along with our own eMarketer number, based on an in-depth analysis of all those other numbers.

The second was the eMarketer methodology itself: Aggregate, Filter, Organize and Analyze. You see, we had come to believe that the best way to gain understanding in a fast-changing, uncertain world is to follow a rigorous process rather than try to come up with the answers by yourself. (By the way, an important part of that process involves maintaining our objectivity. That’s why we never do our own primary research or take on consulting projects.)

The positive response to that first report convinced us we were on the right track. Over the next several years we developed our Total Access subscription service, which now annually presents hundreds of reports and forecasts, thousands of charts, briefs, and interviews. And we've expanded our coverage to include virtually every major topic related to digital marketing and every key geographic region.

Our mission is simple. We want to be the first place to look for information that will help you make better decisions about being more effective in a digital world – no matter what business or profession you’re in.

Today, more than 1,000 corporations (ad agencies, media companies, brands in all sectors) rely on eMarketer for exactly that. (See what some of them have to say about us.)

More and more universities subscribe so that they can prepare their students for a future that is likely to be even more volatile.

And the worldwide business press now cites eMarketer thousands of times every month because they know that we’re a credible source for both data and analysis.

(We also share some of this valuable information for free every day with the more than 150,000 readers of our newsletters.)

If we’ve learned anything about digital in nearly two decades it’s this: the changes will keep coming, the future will continue to be uncertain, the amount of information will increase exponentially – and the need for information you can trust from a source that uses a transparent, consistent process will only increase, too.

Perhaps we should be the first place you look, too.