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eMarketer is the industry’s leading research firm, providing data, insights and perspective for marketing in a digital world.

Marketers worldwide rely on our platform
for information on consumer behavior trends
and for trusted data on spending, marketing strategies and tactics.

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Who Uses eMarketer

eMarketer serves over 1,000 companies worldwide, empowering individuals and entire teams with the information they need to plan and execute digital strategies.

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    B. Bonin Bough

    Vice President of Global Media and Consumer Engagement

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    Kate Sirkin

    Executive Vice President and Global Research Director

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    Matthew Anderson

    Executive Vice President and CMO

  • Erin Hunter

    Global Head of CPG Strategy

How Our Customers Use eMarketer

Our corporate platform offers full-access to eMarketer's data, research and tools to fuel high-value projects for you, your team, or even your entire organization.

  • Answer
    Any Question

    Answer any question about the digital marketplace quickly, with the most-trusted information available.

  • Build
    The Ultimate Deck

    Build the ultimate deck, chock full of digital insights and iconic eMarketer charts.

  • Benchmark Consumer Behavior

    Benchmark consumer behavior with industry-standard estimates and forecasts.

  • Give Your Sales
    Team Ammunition

    Give your sales team the ammunition your competitors use…and more, all in one place.

  • Size Markets and Value Your Initiatives

    Size markets and value initiatives using the foremost benchmarks available anywhere.

  • Educate Your
    Entire Organization

    Educate your entire organization about the rapidly shifting digital marketplace.

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The eMarketer Daily Newsletter

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