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April 27, 2015

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Do Consumers Even Know What They Want from Wearables?

Does the Apple Watch really have what it will take to make the wearables market a mass one? Current research on wearables suggests the picture is hazy: Between consumers' murky idea of what specific wearables might do, and their perhaps murkier idea of what they might want them to do, what will actually appeal to users? Full Article

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The Rise of Creative in a Programmatic World

Find out how data-informed creative gives new life to brand display advertising. In this fresh industry report you'll learn about which capabilities are key to the new wave of display ad formats, how data is changing the game for display and the growing importance of creative messaging in display. Read the report >

Surprise! Facebook Dominates Social Logins

Facebook accounts for an overwhelming majority of social logins worldwide, with industry sources estimating that the social network even expanded its share in Q1 2015. While the desktop remains the device of choice for social logins, data shows an obvious shift in usage over the past two years—and Facebook has an even stronger hold on mobile.
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eMarketer does it for you. We're the only firm to research the latest marketing studies, vet their findings, filter out the noise and distill the data into concise charts and reports. Get the information you need and use it confidently knowing that it's eMarketer-approved. See how our research will help

Digital Commerce Is the Norm as Germany's Internet Culture Matures

Shopping is now the third most popular online activity in Germany, and three-quarters of web users shop and buy digitally. Personal care and household products are among the most popular purchases. Full Article

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