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March 27, 2015

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Facebook Helps Millennials Keep Up with Headlines

Facebook is reportedly in talks with several news publishers about hosting their content inside of the social platform. Millennials are one audience that would benefit from this seamless experience, as recent research finds the majority log on to Facebook at least daily to check out the latest news stories and headlines. Full Article

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Know Your Score and Improve Your Inbox Placement

Only 28% of all messages sent worldwide ever reach the inbox. Do you know where your emails are going? Like a credit score, your Sender Score will indicate your trustworthiness as an email sender and is a critical first step towards improving your inbox placement rate. Check your score now to learn more.

Cracking Cross-Device Key to Attribution Success

As the senior vice president of global strategy at cross-device services firm Tapad, Nick Jordan oversees product decisions and works with advertisers and publishers on broader initiatives. Jordan spoke with eMarketer about the close relationship between cross-device attribution and device identification and about the future of advanced attribution practices. Full Article

Nick Jordan
Senior Vice President, Global Strategy

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Upcoming Webinar: Are Your Online Recommendations a Wreck?

86% of the top 1000 retailers use product recommendations on-site as they lead to more sales and higher AOV. However, many times they aren't customized to the shopper's point in the purchase journey. Join us to see how you can better leverage your on-site product recommendations.

Retail Banks Invest In the Cross-Channel Consumer

Retail banks are focused on implementing a digital strategy, and cross- and upselling existing customers is the primary business objective driving this. If banks want to reach this goal, they'll need to keep up with consumers across channels and devices. As such, they're investing in cross- and multichannel capabilities. Full Article

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