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January 3, 2013

Connected TVs Reach One in Four Homes

Though it's still not as common as traditional television, connected TV is catching on quickly in the US, where eMarketer estimates about one-quarter of households have a television set connected to the internet. That includes TVs with set-top boxes and game consoles that can go online, as well as smart TVs with built-in connectivity, which are a particularly fast-growing segment of the market. Full Article

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How Big Is Facebook on Mobile?

Facebook's quick uptake on mobile phones—and effective monetization of the channel through native advertising—has propelled mobile ad revenues for the company. But how many users check the social network from their phones, and what do they do on the mobile channel? Full Article

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Attention: Travel Marketers

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Finland Doubled Tablet Usage in 2012

Tablet usage is still fairly low in the Scandinavian country, but more and more people in Finland are warming up to a tablet-using lifestyle. In 2012, usage shot up by 7 percentage points across the entire population. Full Article

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