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December 13, 2012

Update Overload Remains Brands' Biggest Social Danger

Brands may want to keep fans engaged by posting content regularly, but while many users do check brand updates daily, others report un-friending because a brand put up too many posts. Full Article

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Big Data Access with No CPM Fees

Just a few of the 10 reasons StrongMail should be on your Email Service Provider shortlist. Download this whitepaper today to find out why enterprise marketers from, Charles Schwab, Viacom and over 600 more chose StrongMail. Stronger is better. Download now to find out why!

Media Biz Counts on Tablet Users to Pay Up

Despite the introduction of tablets, digital ad sales for newspapers and magazines have not made up for print losses. Now more and more publishers are experimenting with new pay models for accessing digital content.
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Engage consumers where it matters most

Social media might be your only chance to influence many of today's social savvy consumers. Online recommendations are the second most trusted source of brand advertising, and 80% of consumers change their minds about buying a product after reading a negative online review. Plug into the new social customer lifecycle. Download this free report from Wildfire now.

Mobile Leads the Gaming Charge in South Korea

A young, highly internet-engaged population in South Korea is already heavily involved with gaming of all forms—from online to arcade games. Steady growth in the next few years will come especially from mobile games, while the desktop internet too will continue to grow its dominant share of the market. Full Article

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