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December 4, 2012

Mobile Display Proves Its Worth

A new eMarketer report looks at the successes and frustrations of still-nascent mobile display advertising. Marketers are paying attention to high smartphone adoption rates and the positive metrics on mobile ad engagement. But difficulties remain for those trying to implement and measure effective campaigns. Full Article

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Engage consumers where it matters most

Social media might be your only chance to influence many of today's social savvy consumers. Online recommendations are the second most trusted source of brand advertising, and 80% of consumers change their minds about buying a product after reading a negative online review. Plug into the new social customer lifecycle. Download this free report from Wildfire now.

Millennials Keep Connected on Ever-More Devices

For digital natives who are always on, social media has provided the perfect avenue for communication, preferred over email and messaging. Their love of technology has also carried over into high adoption rates of consumer electronics and other devices. Full Article

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Improve Real-Time Media Buying with Value-Based Approach

Many marketers agree that RTB has revolutionized their display advertising performance. Still, most are not taking full advantage because it requires moving beyond CPM to a new buying model. Read how focusing on value over cost can drive better performance.

Internet Shapes New Entertainment Habits in India

Those already on the web in India have become more accustomed to the relatively new medium. As its presence in consumers' lives grows, it is overtaking older mediums and changing media consumption habits. Full Article

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