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November 28, 2012

Trends for 2013: Commerce Loses Its Linearity

Although most commerce transactions still take place in stores, online touchpoints are playing a growing role in the path to purchase. Marketers must find a balance between offering consistent messaging across channels, while still allocating resources to media that best suit their marketing objective. Part 3 of a 5-part series on trends for 2013. Full Article

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Are your mobile sites and apps meeting the needs of your customers?

ForeSee's goal is to help create a better mobile world—for the organizations building and maintaining mobile sites and apps and for the people that use them. A new paper offers 5 tips for a better mobile experience. Download the white paper today.

Online Content Exploration Varies by Demographic

Research finds that how users move from one piece of online content to the next varies by age and gender. To keep audiences interested and clicking, it's important for marketers to keep demographics in mind. Full Article

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5 Tips for a Better Mobile Experience

Knowing mobile best practices is a good start, but knowing and understanding your CUSTOMERS and their wants, needs, and expectations will lead you down a road to success.
To learn more, download our free white paper.

Parents Worry About Teen Behavior Online

As teens put more and more of their lives online, parents are becoming concerned about what the implications will be down the line when future employers and schools look into applicants' online personas. To address these worries, many parents are putting up online controls. Full Article

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