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November 20, 2012

Smartphones Hit the Holidays

Each year the devices become a trusty tool for millions more holiday shoppers, and this year many will be hitting the malls with smartphones at the ready for price comparisons, sales information and other vital info. Smartphone-equipped shoppers will also be making more purchases on their phones, in a wider variety of categories. Full Article

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Engage consumers where it matters most

Social media might be your only chance to influence many of today's social savvy consumers. Online recommendations are the second most trusted source of brand advertising, and 80% of consumers change their minds about buying a product after reading a negative online review. Plug into the new social customer lifecycle. Download this free report from Wildfire now.

Originality Is Content Marketers' Greatest Challenge

Content marketing appears to be here to stay, especially for business-to-business marketers. Measurement and distribution of content are becoming easier and more sophisticated, but some basic problems of creativity remain.
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Around the Digital World in 15 Minutes

Need to know about the latest global online and mobile developments? The Global Media Intelligence Report contains information on the latest worldwide trends in ad spending, digital ad spending, mobile ad spending, smartphone adoption and more—with figures for specific countries and regions. Download the Executive Summary.

Online Travel Sales Explode in Latin America

Though online travel sales in Latin America are increasing from a small base, travel purchasing through digital channels is outpacing total travel sales growth significantly. These markets will continue to expand rapidly through 2016, when nearly 40% of all travel sales will occur through online channels. Full Article

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