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Coverage of a Digital World

Recent Reports

In addition to revealing the latest findings from thousands of research sources, our reports offer expert opinions, projections, key takeaways and case studies providing go-to insights for determining strategies and initiatives. eMarketer will publish over 200 reports this year on the most relevant topics. Take a look at our most recently published reports.

Recently Published eMarketer Reports

Report Titles

Month Published

US CPG and Consumer Products Industry StatPack 2017: Digital Ad Spending Forecast and Trends

May 2017

This is one in an eight-part series of StatPacks providing a visual overview of ad spending trends across several US industries.

Common Forms of Digital Display Ad Fraud: Faking Traffic, Sites, Attribution and More

May 2017

There are multiple ways to commit ad fraud: These are the most common.

US Ad Fraud 2017: Buyers and Sellers Fall Prey to More Sophisticated Forms

May 2017

Buyers and sellers now have to worry about more advanced forms of fraud siphoning away digital display ad dollars. This report explores how much fraud there is, how it’s affecting buyers and sellers, and what is being done to combat it.

US Travel Industry StatPack 2017: Digital Ad Spending Forecasts and Trends

May 2017

This is the first in an eight-part series of StatPacks that provide a visual overview of ad spending trends across several US industries.

US Mobile StatPack 2017: An Atlas of eMarketer Forecasts to Keep at Your Fingertips All Year Long

May 2017

All the mobile stats you need to sense-check, justify or adjust your business plans are now in one place. Bookmark the StatPack page to keep these key estimates handy throughout the year.

Facebook Advertising 2017: Five Factors that Could Rein in Future Growth

May 2017

Facebook is at a turning point, introducing new ad products while still dealing with concerns over fake news, video engagement and measurement. This report covers what marketers are concerned about—and what they need to know for the future.

French Canada 2017: The Digital Distinctions That Set Quebec Apart

May 2017

French-speaking consumers in Canada spend less time with digital media than the rest of the country. As a result, advertisers targeting Quebec have been slower to invest in digital ads.

Digital Transformation 2017: Disrupting 'Business as Usual'

May 2017

This report explores what it means for a business to undergo a digital transformation. It defines the concept and considers the drivers and challenges—as well as the organizational changes required, the impact on the customer and how success is measured.

The Internet of Things for Smart Homes: Voice Control Hastens Adoption

May 2017

Despite recent media hype about futuristic gadgets, smart-home technology is still in the early-adopter phase. The market may finally be gaining traction, thanks to voice-controlled interfaces, less expensive devices and better industry collaboration.

US Omnichannel Retail StatPack: Marketer and Consumer Trends

May 2017

This StatPack provides a visual overview of major omnichannel retailing trends in the US.

B2B Personalization: Delivering One-to-One Experiences to Buyers

May 2017

Business-to-business (B2B) marketers are working to understand the value and feasibility of one-to-one experiences. As buyers grow hungry for more custom messages, marketers are slowly adopting the technology to personalize at scale.

US SVOD and Linear OTT Services: Pay TV Alternatives Come into Focus

May 2017

The US subscription video market has grown dramatically in recent years, while at the same time playing a role that’s closer and closer to that of pay TV. Although many established and emerging players show promise, the sheer number of subscription services raises questions about their sustainability.

China Expenditures StatPack 2017: Consumer Time and Advertiser Dollars

May 2017

An overview of eMarketer’s latest figures for consumer time spent with media and ad spending by media and company in China.

US Time Spent with Media: eMarketer's Updated Estimates and Forecast for 2014–2019

April 2017

eMarketer estimates that US adults will fit an average of more than 12 hours of media usage into their day this year, thanks to multitasking. But the surge in time spent that occurred earlier in the decade (amid mass adoption of mobile devices) has abated.

Worldwide Internet and Mobile Users: eMarketer's Estimates for 2016–2021

April 2017

In 2017, there will be 3.47 billion internet users worldwide, of which nearly 79% will use a mobile phone for access at least once a month. Mobile internet usage will continue to drive overall internet adoption, especially in developing markets.

Customer Experience 2017: The Journey Toward Customer-Centricity Continues

April 2017

The promise of data-driven marketing is that brands will be able to ensure each touchpoint is part of a cohesive and customized omnichannel experience. But for most brands, that reality remains distant.

Digital Video and TV in Germany: TV Gives Ground in a Diverse and Growing Marketplace

April 2017

More than half the population in Germany—an estimated 41.1 million people—will watch digital video via any device at least monthly in 2017. Viewers of all ages increasingly engage with video on mobile phones as well as TV and PC screens.

UK Measurement and Viewability: Tracking the Served Ad Journey

April 2017

Serving a digital ad does not necessarily mean it even has a chance to be seen, unlike ads presented on traditional channels. Tracking that served ad’s journey is not easy—and is sometimes impossible—given that the measurement of ad fraud, brand safety and viewability are all yet to be standardized.

US Baby Boomers: Forging Their Next Relationship with Digital Technology—Maybe

April 2017

This report examines US boomers’ digital usage with an eye toward the role internet of things (IoT) and other digital tools may play in the future as these individuals cope with getting old—trying to age in place, managing health issues and so on.

Advancing Programmatic Advertising: Buyers and Sellers Seek Greater Control Over Ad Campaigns and Audiences Reached

April 2017

Nearly four of every five US digital display ad dollars are already traded via automation. But for mature buyers and sellers, programmatic is about more than automation: It is a means of controlling ads and fine-tuning the audiences they reach.

Digital Video and TV in France: Mobile Usage and Commercial Offerings Fuel Major Expansion

April 2017

More than 32 million people in France will watch TV or video content digitally at least once per month in 2017. Live TV still accounts for the largest slice of time spent with video, but consumers are increasingly timeshifting their viewing and watching on other screens.

Worldwide Ad Spending: The eMarketer Forecast for 2017

April 2017

Paid media ad expenditures worldwide will rise 7.3% to $583.91 billion in 2017. Spending on digital—desktop/laptop, mobile and other internet-connected devices—will represent 38.3% of the total, while mobile will account for 63.3% of digital.

Canada B2B Marketing: A Maturing Discipline, Underpinned by Marketing Tech

April 2017

Business-to-business (B2B) experts in Canada provide a local perspective on the efforts to engage buyers and discuss the importance of marketing technology in leading change.

Digital Ad Pricing StatPack: Programmatic Display CPMs and Pricing Trends

April 2017

This StatPack provides a visual overview of trends in display, video and social ads bought programmatically, both in the US and worldwide.

Ecommerce in the Grocery Sector: Retailers and Brands Innovate to Propel Growth in 2017

April 2017

Changing behaviors among consumers, grocery retailers and brands are spurring growth in the online grocery sector.

Personalization in Retail: The Latest Trends and Challenges

April 2017

Faced with the need to improve the customer experience and increase margins, retailers are rapidly implementing personalization strategies. This report looks at the latest trends and obstacles retailers face.

US Social StatPack: Usage and Ad Spending for 2016-2020

March 2017

All the social stats you need to for 2017 and beyond. Bookmark the StatPack page to keep these key estimates handy throughout the year.

Television Update Spring 2017: How TV Audience Measurement Must Change

March 2017

TV’s audience measurement standard has been stretched, now that it must report on more fragmented viewers across more TV options and devices. This report examines the state of TV measurement, with special attention to the improvements expected over the next 12 months.