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Featured stories:

A Rival's Shadow Looms Over Snapchat IPO

Two years ago, as Facebook Inc. was struggling to get its users to post more, the social-media giant turned for inspiration to a messaging app called Snapchat.

Facebook teams created diagrams to compare how many steps a user had to take to post on each of the two apps, according to people familiar with the matter. At least one chart was sobering: It took nearly twice as many steps to post on Facebook as it did on Snapchat, one of the people said.

Facebook's Faith in Newsfeed Adverts Fuel Growth

When Facebook prepared to go public five years ago, its plan to boost its then minuscule mobile revenue was to put adverts in users’ newsfeeds. Cautious about putting people off using the app, it promised just one ad per user per day.

Fast forward to the fourth quarter of 2016, the newsfeed plan has paid off. Mobile contributed 84 per cent of revenue, which itself grew 51 per cent to $8.8bn, resulting in net income of $3.5bn for the fourth quarter. The company has 1.9bn users, with 1.2bn logging on every day.

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