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Featured stories:

Twitter's Growth Shifts to Developing Countries

But even if the social network is reaching a plateau in many developed countries, it is still spreading like kudzu in Asia and Latin America, according to a new report to be released on Tuesday by the research firm eMarketer. The five fastest-growing countries for Twitter this year will be Indonesia, India, Argentina, Mexico and Brazil, the firm said.

Ms. Williamson said that Twitter, like its rival Facebook, will eventually figure out how to pull in foreign advertising revenue to match the growth in places like India and Indonesia. This year, those two countries are projected to become Twitter’s third- and fourth-largest countries, respectively, as measured by number of users, eMarketer said.

“Over time, they will be able to monetize,” Ms. Williamson said. “These are markets where people are using their smartphones and feature phones that are perfect for Twitter.”

Most Digital Ads Are Still About Direct Response, Not Branding

Digital ad spending in the U.S. will cross $50 billion this year, according to a new report from eMarketer out Tuesday morning. While both spending categories -- branding and direct response -- are expanding, the latter is growing at a faster clip, commanding 59.1% of the digital total in 2014.

With its report, eMarketer also tweaked its definitions of the categories to reflect, the analytics firm said, the "blurring lines" between the two. Previously, the categories were defined by ad formats -- display ads marked branding; paid search counted toward direct response. Now, eMarketer classifies them according to the advertiser's primary objective. Mr. Palmer called it a "softer definition."

For the first time, eMarketer split its digital spending survey by channel. Mobile will claim 35.4% of digital spending, per the report, with the remainder reserved for desktop.

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