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Featured stories:

In South Korea, Phablets Squelch Tablet Growth

According to new numbers from research firm eMarketer, South Korea has the lowest percentage of tablet users of any advanced market in the Asia-Pacific region. Just 24% of South Korea’s Internet population will use a tablet at least once per month, the study found — that’s less than half the rate of Australia’s 60% penetration rate.

Phablets, the smartphone-tablet hybrids first popularized on a wide scale by Samsung’s Galaxy Note devices, “may make tablets a less attractive option,” eMarketer explains. For all of the glumness on tablets, the research firm still foresees tablet penetration rising in South Korea, albeit at a slower rate than over the past two years, to about 30% by 2018 — lower than the regional average, and far short of Australia, which will have climbed to 71% by then, the firm estimates.

Facebook tries to get personal with video ads

The world’s largest social network is looking to personalised video advertising as its next major growth area. The prize is potentially huge, with marketers increasingly turning to video ads online. Advertisers are expected to spend $7.8bn on video in the US in 2015, almost a third more than they spent in 2014, according to eMarketer, the research company.

Debra Aho Williamson, an analyst at eMarketer, said brands were also keen on the potential for viral sharing on the platform, which is much easier than on YouTube.

“There are some pretty huge bumps in viral sharing when brands post ads on Facebook so if they want a huge awareness bump at the beginning of the campaign, a new product, or during the Super Bowl, it is a pretty good vehicle,” she said.

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