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Featured stories:

Mobile Ad Spending Lags Use, But Not for Long, eMarketer Says

This year, total daily media time per U.S. consumer is 12 hours and four minutes a day, up seven minutes from last year. According to eMarketer, the uptick in consumption is due to simultaneous device use. (Hours are recorded per device, even if people use more than one device during the same hour.)

The tipping point for mobile is coming fast. So says Ezra Palmer, chief content officer for eMarketer, who discussed the future of media consumption and video ad spending during Ad Age's Digital Conference today.

"Advertisers have been slow to adjust to the rapid uptick of mobile," Mr. Palmer said. "We expect the spending to shift over very shortly."

Digital Mad Men in India: where are you?

India accounts for 18 per cent of the world's population but total media ad spending in the country only amounts to 1.1 per cent of the worldwide total, according to research group eMarketer.

The numbers are rising, but from a tiny base: ad spending this year will rise 8 per cent in India to just $6.60bn. By 2019, advertisers will spend $8.53bn on paid placements, eMarketer projects.

Mobile internet ads will lead the way. eMarketer projects them to more than double this year and next. By 2018, "more than half of digital spending will go to mobile." Even so, mobile spending per user will remain under $1, " keeping the country in last place for the foreseeable future."

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