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Featured stories:

Twitter Narrows Loss, Adds Users and Misses Revenue Forecast

For all the issues that Twitter has grappled with over the last few years — the slowdown in user growth, a revolving door of executives and confusion over how to use the social media service — it has had one constant pillar of strength: a bulletproof advertising business. Now add that business to Twitter’s growing list of problems.

On Tuesday, Twitter reported revenue of $595 million for the first quarter — which was below Wall Street estimates — and said that marketers were not spending as quickly on ads on the service as it had anticipated. That trend line may not reverse anytime soon; the company, based in San Francisco, is also projecting sales in the second quarter that are below analyst expectations.

Ad Blocking Set For Sharp Rise Towards Epidemic

More than a quarter of U.K. internet users will be using ad-blocking software by the end of next year, a new report suggested on Wednesday, heading towards a potential "epidemic".

An estimated 14.7 million people will be using ad-blockers in the U.K. in 2017 or 27 percent of internet users, according to eMarketer's study - a sharp rise from the 5 million in 2014, 7.3 million in 2015 and expected 10.9 million this year.

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