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Featured stories:

Programmatic Ad Spending Will Grow 137% This Year, eMarketer Says

Automated or “programmatic” display ad spending in the U.S. will grow 137.1% in 2014, representing $10 billion in total spend or 45% of the US digital display ad market, according to new predictions by eMarketer.

“2014 has proven a pivotal year, and with the majority of infrastructure now laid and testing well in progress, we’ll see programmatic ad spending explode from 2015 into 2016,” said eMarketer analyst, Lauren Fisher.

EMarketer’s forecasts are based on analysis of “dozens” of data sources and interviews with more than 50 executives at ad agencies, brands, media companies, and ad tech firms, the research company said.

UPS hiring 95,000 workers for holiday season

Last year, there was a burst of last-minute orders, which, combined with major snow storms, worked against UPS. “A lot of the retailers were pushing the last date for delivery back as far as they could to compete with Amazon,” says Yory Wurmser, a retail analyst with eMarketer.

"A lot of retailers are shifting their fulfillment models to shipping from stores. So there’s going to be a big increase in pick-up points,” says Wurmser.

That’s likely to put even more pressure on shippers like UPS this holiday season, as holiday shoppers increase their reliance on shipping. Online orders are forecast to increase 16.6 percent this holiday season, and are likely to see double-digit gains for several years to come, according to eMarketer.

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