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Featured stories:

Mobile Ad Spending Leaps, But Trails User Growth

Given how much time Americans spend on their devices, mobile-ad spending could be much higher, an indication that marketers remain uncertain about the medium's effectiveness.

Research firm eMarketer estimates that spending on mobile advertising, which includes both smartphones and tablets, will soar 83% to nearly $18 billion in 2014. Newspapers will draw nearly $17 billion, while radio will bring in $15.5 billion.

"As more eyeballs are going there in larger numbers, the dollars are starting to follow," said Cathy Boyle, an eMarketer mobile analyst.

US Advertisers Scramble to Spend on Mobile

eMarketer predicts the growth in mobile will lead to several significant milestones in the years ahead. It will be a major reason behind a 5.3 per cent rise in overall US advertising spending to $180bn this year, the biggest jump in a decade. 2014 will be the first year that digital ad spending – taking in both mobile and desktop – will pass $50bn.

While some of mobile’s growth appears to be coming at the expense of older platforms like print, consumers’ attention remains robust for one long-time advertising venue: eMarketer predicts television ad spending will continue to dominate marketing budgets, accounting for more than a third of total media spending over the next four years.

“After mobile, TV is the format with the largest growth in dollar terms this year,” said Noah Elkin, Executive Editor with eMarketer. “Even as consumers spend more time consuming digital videos on their devices, they still spend more time on a daily basis watching TV.”

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