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Featured stories:

Google and Facebook will have more than half of UK digital ad market

The UK operations of Google and Facebook will make a combined £4.1bn in 2015, a 50.8% share of the total expected to be spent on ads on websites, smartphones, online video and social media next year.

EMarketer said Facebook would pull off a coup this year by taking more digital display advertising spending than Google for the first time – £576m versus £528m – with the two players accounting for 48% of the £2.3bn UK digital display ad market.

“The two companies’ hold on the UK digital display market is almost equally as strong as their hold on the total digital ad market,” said eMarketer. “Facebook will continue to grab the lion’s share of UK digital display spend over the next few years.”

Chinese Internet Companies Gain Ground in Global Advertising Competition

The second largest pool of advertising dollars in the world is [in China], and right now, companies like Alibaba and Baidu are scooping up the lion’s share of it.

Alibaba, China’s leading e-commerce company, and Baidu, which dominates Chinese-language search, will be the world’s third- and fourth-largest sellers of digital advertising by revenue this year, each with about 4.7 percent of the global market, according to new projections published on Tuesday by eMarketer.

Overall, total marketing dollars spent in China this year across all media—digital, broadcast and print—will be $63.8 billion, second only to the United States at $180 billion, according to a separate eMarketer report last week.

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