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Featured stories:

Start-ups Try to Challenge Google, at Least on Mobile Search

The answer to many of the most common—and lucrative—queries neatly structured inside popular applications like Yelp, the local directory service, making it easier to create focused search products that are unlikely to sink Google but could give it “a thousand tiny leaks,” said Jeremy Kressmann, an analyst at eMarketer who covers the search business.

This year, smartphone users in the United States are projected to spend 81 percent of their time on the mobile Internet inside applications, and 19 percent on the web, according to eMarketer.

What if Mobile is Getting its Fair Share of Ad Spending?

There is no question that mobile budgets are growing; eMarketer predicts that mobile will be a $100 billion ad market globally by next year. That’s big. But advertisers spend roughly $70 billion each year on TV in the U.S. alone. Marketers are expected toshell out $600 billion overall on advertising this year. You could argue that mobile can and should be growing faster.

That is, if you buy into the thinking that time spent should correlate with ad budgets. But as Ezra Palmer, eMarketer’s chief content officer notes, there are lots of mobile activities that either don’t lend themselves to advertising–like mobile games and communications and selfie-taking–or are completely off limits to brands–like Netflix-streaming.

“There is a gap between mobile usage and ad spending, which is closing, but it’s not to say that it will end up being a one-to-one relationship,” he said. “A lot of the activities in mobile have no interest to advertisers or are invisible to advertisers.”

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