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  • Wednesday, October 16, 2013
  • Mobile, Video Lead Travel Ad Spending Increases

    Travel marketers are broadening their advertising efforts by focusing on multichannel digital strategies. Research shows increased attention to mobile and digital video platforms, and positive trends in performance metrics from these channels support these investments.

  • Holidays Become a Digital Proposition in the UK

    The holidays have emerged as an online-driven experience for the majority of UK internet users, with the PC still the preferred device to search. Just under one in five (19%) UK internet users will buy all of their presents online, and just as many will actively resist online buying and revert to brick-and-mortar shops.

  • Tuesday, October 15, 2013
  • Video Advertising Beyond the Top of the Funnel

    Marketers are typically most comfortable using digital video to promote awareness and other top-of-funnel activities. A new eMarketer report explores how video can be used for all stages of the purchase funnel, from awareness to conversion to loyalty and beyond.

  • Social, Video Sites Will See Big Boosts in US Advertiser Spending

    Once again, in the coming year, mobile and digital will see the greatest number of advertisers upping investment. As digital opportunities proliferate, though, both in terms of formats and ad-buying technologies, it’s notable where much of that digital spend will go: Social and video site ads will see among the biggest increases.

  • UK Internet Users Becoming Increasingly Mobile

    Mobile internet usage in the UK is growing at a rapid rate. According to research, well over half of British internet users now connect via a mobile device.

  • Monday, October 14, 2013
  • Smartphone, Tablet Uptake Still Climbing in the US

    Smartphones and tablets are increasingly serving as the connective tissue linking users in the US to the internet. Research shows that smartphone penetration has almost hit three-quarters among mobile phone users, and tablets are reaching more than half of users. Hispanics continue to overindex for smart mobile device use.

  • Healthcare and Pharma Digital Spend Rises, but Outlays Stay Low

    The US healthcare and pharmaceutical industry will spend $1.18 billion this year on paid digital ads, according to a new eMarketer report. That is the lowest of any of the industries we track, but nonetheless, health and pharma execs are more bullish on digital than other marketing approaches.

  • Taking the Temperature of Norway's Digital Ad Market

    Norway is one of the world’s most advanced digital cultures, and advertisers have been fast to embrace advertising on the web, but there is still room for expansion. eMarketer estimates that outlays on digital ads will approach $850 million in 2013, and pass $1 billion in 2016.

  • Friday, October 11, 2013
  • Customer Transaction Info Is Leading Big Data Element

    The financial services and healthcare industries are among the leaders in Big Data adoption, and their use of data is indicative of broader trends. US execs at these companies put customer transaction data at the top of the list of important data sets, followed by financial data. And it is the sales and marketing departments that are spearheading the use of data.

  • Lowe's Lets Customers Look Up Purchase History via Mobile

    Sean Bartlett, director of mobile strategy and platforms at Lowe’s, says mobile provides heft to customer service with customer purchase history as well as inventory information.

  • The Mobile Ad Boom Reaches China

    A new eMarketer report finds that advertising in China is finally catching up with the country’s vast mobile internet audience. While spend is still low, and weighted toward SMS/MMS formats, it will rise considerably in coming years.

  • Advanced Mobile Devices Make Gains in Mexico, with Affluents Leading

    Tablet uptake in Mexico is still quite limited, but among wealthier consumers it is making strides. In addition, smartphones are seeing rapid uptake and this will continue through 2017. But again, those from the highest socioeconomic class will show penetration levels way beyond the rest.

  • Parents in France See Tablets as Child-Friendly Devices

    Children in France are taking up mobile devices for educational purposes, with more than half of children using a variety of different tablets and consoles often or very often. The desire to have their children use tablets for educational purposes may be one reason larger households overindex for tablet ownership.

  • Thursday, October 10, 2013
  • Exploring the Social TV Viewing Phenomenon

    A new eMarketer report examines real-time TV viewership on social channels. An analysis of surveys indicates that 15% to 17% of US TV viewers are engaged in real-time socializing about TV shows. eMarketer expects that figure to rise if social media companies are successful in their attempts to cozy up more closely with television.

  • Smartphone Users Prefer Online Banking Over Mobile

    Bank customers are embracing digital channels, with 42% of US smartphone owners using a bank website as their prevailing method of managing personal finances. Security concerns, however, still have even the most digitally driven consumers wary about interacting with banks on their mobile phones.

  • Younger Canadians Most Interested in Apps for the Grocery Aisle

    About three in 10 internet users in Canada say they would be interested in using apps that help them shop for food more effectively, by providing the nutritional and dietary information they care about. Among younger adults, the proportion rises to nearly half.

  • Convenience, Low Prices Convince UK Holiday Shoppers to Go Digital

    This holiday shopping season in the UK, high street will play second fiddle to online retail stores. Research finds that more UK consumers will do most or all of their holiday shopping via the web than will either shop on high street or in malls, with light items like DVDs and books as leading purchases.

  • Wednesday, October 09, 2013
  • Smartphones Are Go-Everywhere, Do-Anything Devices for Mothers

    Becoming a parent changes how US mothers use their smartphones. Smartphones trump PCs and tablets as the most-used device among mothers in multiscreen households. These women see their smartphones as indispensable tools to increase efficiency and stay connected.

  • SMBs Lean on Content for Lead Gen

    Lead generation is critical for SMBs in the US, which must keep the revenue stream flowing. Content marketing plays a major role in lead gen efforts, with white papers as the leading content format, followed by webinars.

  • Online Shoppers in Brazil Prefer Retail and Auction Sites

    Brazil's online retail market is still a maturing one, but many internet users in the country are already spending a substantial amount of time browsing online. Online retail stores remain a popular destination for these consumers, with other commerce websites having to compete for time leftover.

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