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  • Monday, November 18, 2013
  • Even Older Users Overshare Online

    Though baby boomers and seniors are significantly more worried about privacy concerns online than the general population, they continue to share contact information and personal details without actively taking security measures. Along with reports of negative experiences online, the 50- to 75-year-old set is just as susceptible to online drama as those a third their age.

  • Smart Devices Displace Household Gadgets in UK

    The proportion of households owning smartphones or tablets continues to rise in the UK. One consequence of this has meant more of these households shedding their older gadgets like game consoles, netbooks or even standalone cameras and consolidating around the smartphone and tablet.

  • Friday, November 15, 2013
  • Who Is the Real Mobile-Only Audience?

    Mobile has attracted a sizeable bulk of US consumers, but the vast majority use desktop and laptop computers along with mobile devices. While the number of mobile-only internet users may be small, a significant chunk are going mobile-only for particular activities—meaning marketers can still miss them on the desktop.

  • Brands and Premium Publishers Get on Programmatic Ad Bandwagon

    In a prior interview with Andrew Casale, senior vice president of strategy for the advertising exchange Casale Media, he shared his observations and thoughts on the real-time bidding (RTB) landscape. In a follow-up to that conversation, eMarketer’s Lauren Fisher spoke with Casale about some of the latest trends he’s seeing in the larger category of programmatic advertising, particularly among premium publishers and brand marketers.

  • Cinema Spending Biggest Victim of Digital Surge

    While digital advertising spend is in rude health, cinema spend is the biggest victim of the changing fortunes of analog media according to research.

  • Brazil Leads Digital Games Market in Latin America

    Brazil’s digital game space is growing at a rapid clip, taking an increasing share of the Latin American market and positioning the country as one of the largest games markets in the world. Brazil’s digital gamers still prefer free downloadable games, even ad-supported ones. But those who do pay also seem to leave satisfied.

  • Thursday, November 14, 2013
  • The Year of Social?

    A new eMarketer report explores trends in paid social network advertising over the next year, including why 2013 became the year of “social acceptance,” and what that means for the future.

  • Usage Widening for Programmatic Techniques

    Programmatic approaches to media buying and more benefit advertisers and publishers alike. Barriers remain to adoption, but execs expect to make serious strides in the next two years, according to research.

  • Canadians Not Keen on Mobile Shopping for Holiday

    As holiday shopping ramps up, internet users in Canada are buying about a fifth of their purchases online—but mobile in-store shopping does not hold much appeal.

  • Mobile Users in Argentina Ambivalent on Video

    Half of mobile phone users in Argentina stream video to their devices, research shows, but the drawbacks of actually watching mobile TV outweigh the benefits for many, keeping users snacking on short clips instead.

  • UK Consumers Search for Beauty Online

    Searches for beauty products soared by 48% in September 2013 compared with the previous quarter, new research from Greenlight shows. Makeup and haircare were the most popular searches, but nailcare and fragrances show the sharpest increases.

  • Wednesday, November 13, 2013
  • Social Media Weaves Its Way Through Customer Life Process

    Consumers’ methods of discovering, researching and staying in touch with brands vary, but the reliance on social networks is a constant throughout the customer life process. And it all starts with paid social advertising.

  • Video Is the Next Frontier for Social Advertisers

    Video viewership and social sharing are closely intertwined, and marketers are looking to capitalize. Though social video advertising is still nascent, research shows that 70% of agency executives plan to place ads on YouTube in 2014, and nearly half would work video ads into their Facebook marketing mix if it became available.

  • Feature Phone Ads Hold Strong in Latin America

    Reflecting the still sizeable number of feature phone users in Latin America, a recent report found that more than a quarter of mobile ad impressions in the region were delivered to such devices during Q3 2013. By comparison, worldwide averages showed a much smaller 14% share of mobile impressions going to feature phones, with smartphones taking the lion’s share in the category with 72% of impressions in the reported period.

  • Do UK Social Users Trust Shared News?

    eMarketer estimates that more than half of the UK population will use social networks in 2013. These users are employing social platforms both as content aggregators and as a way to engage digitally with print media brands, according to a new report.

  • Tuesday, November 12, 2013
  • Social Touches Prospects, Customers Throughout the Journey

    Research finds that well over a majority of execs think external social efforts are having a major effect on customer relations. Branding still leads the way as one of the biggest benefits to social outreach.

  • US Affluents Seek Deals, Not Luxuries

    Affluents in the US tend to be careful spenders, more likely to see themselves as middle class than as wealthy. Few are wallowing in luxuries. And their heavy use of digital channels helps their efforts to find the best deals.

  • UK Consumers Still Opposed to Newspaper Paywalls

    UK consumers who read news content digitally are used to a free-content model. Unsurprisingly, attitudes toward newspaper paywalls are generally negative.

  • Monday, November 11, 2013
  • As Barriers Tumble, Video Marketing Adoption Grows

    The use of video marketing now exceeds 90% among US marketing professionals, thanks to lower costs and new distribution channels. Marketers are most often turning to their own websites, along with YouTube, in order to publish this content.

  • Computing Products and Consumer Electronics Industry Turns to Mobile, Social and Video

    Dramatic shifts in the way consumers and businesses use technology—coupled with accelerated technological innovation—are driving increased digital advertising investments. They are also spawning campaigns that are more fully integrated with existing multichannel initiatives. As a result, the US computing products and consumer electronics industry will invest $3.21 billion in paid online and mobile media advertising in 2013, hitting $4.66 billion by 2017.

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