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  • Wednesday, July 10, 2013
  • Social Networking to Reach Half the UK Population This Year

    Social network user growth is slowing in the UK, but there is still room for increases among the youngest and oldest age groups, especially on mobile, according to a new eMarketer report. Females also lead on social networks, with a higher incidence of accessing more than once a day.

  • Homegrown Retail Sites Lead in Brazil

    Retail is one of the leading online activities in Brazil. The No. 1 retailer is Mercadolivre.com.br, an Argentina-based site and eBay partner; other top sites are primarily based in Brazil. Price comparing is also a popular online retail pursuit.

  • Tuesday, July 09, 2013
  • More US Households Choose Broadcast-Only TV

    Households are choosing to forgo pay TV service and opt for broadcast-only instead, as online TV viewing gains popularity and the move to the digital broadcast standard has improved over-the-air TV quality. Black and Hispanic households have seen particular growth in the percentage choosing broadcast-only TV, while Asian households have actually moved in the other direction.

  • Ad Verification Gains Urgency Among Marketers

    Publishers, agencies and marketers are increasingly using ad verification services to validate the delivery of display ads and ensure brand safety, according to a new eMarketer report. As programmatic buying has increased and the distance between ad seller and buyer has widened, ad verification provides assurance that ads are getting delivered on the right sites and to the appropriate audience.

  • Internet Users in Vietnam Have Youth on Their Side

    A significant chunk of Vietnam's population is under 30, and this demographic is headed online in large numbers. While Google and Yahoo! sites are strong draws among all users, homegrown companies also have a significant presence online.

  • Mobile Takes a Rising Share of UK Display Ad Spend

    Research shows the rapid rise of mobile advertising in the UK, with almost a quarter of display spend going to mobile in 2014, and just over one-fifth of search spend moving to mobile as well. Overall, GroupM predicts total digital spend to hit £6.49 billion ($10.30 billion) in 2014.

  • Wednesday, July 03, 2013
  • Which Tactics Work Best for Email Marketers?

    Email is a critical outreach channel for most B2C and B2B marketers. While creating content is always a challenge, other tactics that can help email marketers achieve strong results—including segmenting and optimizing the email message—are also some of the most difficult to pull off.

  • P&G's Careful Planning Led to Pantene's Powerful Twitter Program

    Pantene executives discuss the brand's real-time marketing via Twitter on the red carpet at the 2013 Oscars.

  • As Digital Mavens, UK Consumers Display Key Patterns in Online Behavior

    A new eMarketer report finds that online shopping, video viewing, smartphones and tablets define the most important trends in the UK digital landscape. But even as UK consumers embrace new technologies, they are wary of the ways companies interact with them online.

  • Social Networking Dominates Time Spent Online in Canada

    Research shows that internet users in Canada spend a quarter of their time online with social networking—ahead of any other activity. With nearly an hour and a half, on average, spent with social media, this gives marketers ample opportunity to reach out on social sites.

  • Tuesday, July 02, 2013
  • Social Usage Involves More Platforms, More Often

    Research finds that digitally connected US consumers spend an average 23 hours per week on social sites, email and text, with Facebook, Instagram and Twitter seeing particularly high daily usage. But consumers still report a desire to decrease reliance on tech-based connectedness.

  • The Financial Services Industry Steadily Grows Digital Ad Spend

    The US financial services industry will continue growing digital ad spending at a steady clip, registering a 9.9% CAGR through 2017, according to a new eMarketer report. Digital spend will be focused on direct-response initiatives. Mobile will also see increasing investment.

  • In Brazil, Online Moms Put Mobile on Their Wishlists

    For two years in a row, tablets and smartphones led Mother’s Day wishlists in Brazil. Clothing came in third place, while computers and travel have become less of a priority compared with previous years.

  • UK Teens Turn Off the Radio

    The single preferred device for listening to audio among UK consumers is the radio, but among 15- to 19-year-olds, the device is preferred by just 3%. Instead, this age group is “tuning in” to streaming content or downloads on mobile devices.

  • Monday, July 01, 2013
  • Worldwide, Digital Video Viewers Spend More Time with Live Video than VOD

    Live streaming is proving stickier with online video viewers than video-on-demand (VOD), according to research. Consumers are also spreading their viewing habits over a growing number of platforms, with mobile devices and tablets gaining in popularity.

  • With Online Reviews Critical to Travelers, Marketers Adjust Their Approach

    Online reviews are almost universally used by consumers when making their travel decisions, and this has created a new challenge for marketers, according to a new eMarketer report. Managing negative reviews and rooting out unverified posts are becomingly increasingly important practices.

  • Multidevice Ownership at Record High in Norway

    Norway’s residents are more likely than their counterparts in many advanced economies to own a range of digital devices, including tablets, smartphones and laptops, with more than one-third of internet users owning at least three web-enabled devices.

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