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  • Tuesday, April 29, 2014
  • Mobile Users Get in Shape with Fitness Apps

    Fitness and health apps have sprinted to the front of the mobile app scene, with goal tracking the No. 1 reason for uptake. As consumers get used to tracking fitness while on the go, they’re also turning to wearable tech devices to manage their health.

  • Digital Display Ad Spend Creeping Up in the UK, Driven by Mobile

    As digital ad spending continued its steep ascent in 2013, display experienced the fastest growth of all formats. Within that, mobile ad spending saw an even more rapid rise, with mobile display acting as the fuel to that fire.

  • Amazon Speeds Up, But Do Shoppers Care About Same-Day Delivery?

    Receiving packages the next business day used to be radical. But now that retailers are competing with Amazon.com—using stores as delivery hubs, building more distribution centers and partnering with companies like Google and eBay for same-day deliveries—the bar continues to be raised by the online pure play.

  • Monday, April 28, 2014
  • Better Creative, Analytics and Reporting Needed to Improve Mobile Ad Effectiveness

    Taking multiple factors into consideration, marketers consulted for a new eMarketer report gave mobile display ads a B-minus for effectiveness. Scores indicated that further progress was needed in creative development, measurement and analytics, and results reporting.

  • Most US Children Use the Internet at Least Daily

    The number of US children using the internet is rising rapidly, and those who go online are doing so frequently. According to research, the majority of kids go online at least daily, and they’re typically playing games or watching videos when doing so.

  • Mobile Banking Transactions in the UK Grew Nearly 105% in 2013

    UK mobile phone users appear to be adopting mobile banking, with the number of transactions via apps more than doubling last year. On top of mobile apps, banks are also using text messages to communicate with customers.

  • Lowe's Digital Strategy Looks Beyond Ecommerce

    Ecommerce captures 6.4% of US retail sales, according to recently released eMarketer numbers. Although it's a rapidly growing part of retail, brick-and-mortar sales still dwarf it. Nonetheless, the impact of ecommerce extends far beyond the relatively meager sales figures.

  • Friday, April 25, 2014
  • Mobile Video Viewers Top Audience for Sponsored Data Plans

    US smartphone and tablet owners cite watching video as one of the top reasons for exceeding their monthly data limit. As a result, frequent mobile video viewers are showing interest in sponsored data plans.

  • Timberland Tries In-Store Mobile Messaging

    In an interview with eMarketer, Timberland’s Rachel Panetta discusses the retailer’s experience with close-range mobile messaging through the Swirl app. One result? It has built awareness.

  • Total Ad Spending in Sweden Dropped in 2013

    Total ad spending in Sweden fell more than 2% last year. However, expenditure on internet ads rose nearly 8%, and mobile ad spending more than doubled.

  • Grocers Mobilize to Meet Consumer Demand

    Even though big retailers like Wal-Mart have begun testing online grocery shopping, US retail ecommerce sales for food and beverage remain stubbornly low. Just 2.3% of online sales in 2014 will come from US food and beverages, according to eMarketer estimates. But that hasn't stopped retail's grocery sector from innovating with mobile marketing.

  • Canada's Smartphone Users Not Big on Showrooming

    Comparing prices while in-store hasn’t caught on in Canada, according to research. Instead, reminder calls and texts are the top retail-related activities in the country, ensuring that shoppers return from the store with the correct items.

  • Thursday, April 24, 2014
  • Consumers Frustrated by Stalling Mobile Video Ads

    People are not too crazy about mobile video ads, according to a new eMarketer report, and data usage and stalling are among the top annoyances. To counter these issues, users are connecting with Wi-Fi when watching mobile video—and marketers should take note.

  • Augmented Reality Most Helpful Tool for CPG Shoppers

    Few consumers use augmented reality tools when shopping for consumer packaged goods (CPG) via mobile, but those who do are finding them more useful than more popular tools such as mobile apps and websites. In fact, while sites are among the most-used CPG mobile shopping tools, few say they’re helpful.

  • Germany's Teens and Digital Media: The Past 15 Years

    A long-running study of teens’ media habits in Germany points at dramatic changes since 1998. In just a few years, the internet has grown from niche to mainstream, transforming media behavior.

  • In Brazil, Internet Claims Largest Share of Daily Time Spent with Media

    Brazil’s consumers spend more time with the internet than any other medium each day. However, internet penetration in the country is still low compared with more developed nations, and residents are more likely to turn on the TV than log online on a daily basis.

  • Ecommerce Opens the World to Traditional Retailers

    There's no question that the world of online shopping has given brick-and-mortar chains headaches. Some have adapted, while others, such as Blockbuster, Tower Records and Borders, have not. But it's not all doom and gloom for traditional retailers. Even as ecommerce brings new competitors, it also opens up international markets in a cheap and scalable way. With a good website and a fulfillment strategy, retailers can reach the world without opening new stores.

  • Wednesday, April 23, 2014
  • Despite Time Spent, Mobile Still Lacks for Ad Spend in the US

    Mobile may be stealing share of US adults’ daily time spent with media, but print still commands the most ad dollars, according to new eMarketer estimates. US advertisers will spend just 7 cents per US adult per hour spent on mobile this year, vs. nearly $1 for print.

  • Hungry Teens Spend Most on Food

    According to research, food is the No. 1 category for teen spending. But this young demographic is frugal when dining, favoring quick-service restaurants over other establishments.

  • Women Account for Nearly Half of UK Mobile Gamers

    Women in the UK are becoming more digitally enabled, according to a new eMarketer report. Gaming is one area where there has been a particular surge in interest, and female mobile gamers are very much on par with their male counterparts. On top of that, they’re more likely than men to play games on tablets.

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