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  • Tuesday, May 27, 2014
  • For US Healthcare and Pharma Ad Spending, Balance Tips Toward Direct Response

    This year, the US healthcare and pharmaceutical industry will invest $1.41 billion in paid digital advertising, and 56% of those dollars will go toward direct response, according to a new eMarketer report series on industry-by-industry digital ad spending. When it comes to mobile ad spending, the industry lags behind.

  • Ecommerce Gains Slow as Italian Economy Wobbles

    In Italy, business-to-consumer ecommerce sales rose just 6% in 2013—half the growth rate of 2012. The stalled growth is a result of financial issues faced by businesses and consumers.

  • More than a Third of Retailers Say In-Store Traffic Is Mobile Campaign Goal

    The US retail industry—including omnichannel retailers, pure-play web retailers and traditional brick-and-mortar businesses—spends more on digital advertising than any other vertical. This has been the case for some time, partly because ecommerce means direct-response digital advertising can lead, for retailers, straight to a sale.

  • Friday, May 23, 2014
  • US Retail Industry Maintains Position as Digital Ad Spend Leader

    The US retail industry will invest $11.05 billion in online and mobile media advertising in 2014, up nearly 16% from 2013, according to a new eMarketer report series on industry-by-industry digital ad spending. Among retail marketers, direct-response tactics are taking a far greater share of digital ad dollars than branding campaigns.

  • Digital Ad Spending in US Auto Industry Racing Ahead

    As substantial growth continues, automotive will become the second-largest spender on digital advertising among US industries next year. Though advertisers in the industry lean toward direct response, branding also has a significant role.

  • Mobile Ad Spend Nearly Doubles in Denmark

    According to research, investments in mobile ads nearly doubled last year; however, when it comes to the actual dollar value and mobile’s share of the digital ad pie, figures vary greatly between sources. Estimates for 2013 digital ad spending also differ, though by a much smaller degree.

  • Financial Services Ad Spending 2014: Google Sees Digital Blurring Direct Response, Branding

    Google's Jerry Canning works with financial services clients and says while there was once a clear difference between direct-response and branding objectives, now these clients are doing both and expecting different results.

  • Will Tablets Enhance the In-Store Experience?

    A majority of omnichannel retailers are hoping they will, according to Q1 2014 research from the e-tailing group. Putting tablets in the store, whether in the hands of associates, as part of self-serve kiosks, or perhaps methods to pay, was the No. 1 way the retailers surveyed hoped to use technology to improve the shopping experience in physical stores.

  • Box Office Revenues Still Rising in Latin America

    Last year, movie box office revenues in Latin America grew 7% year over year to reach $3.0 billion, and in Brazil specifically, research suggests that mobile uptake may actually be helping to fuel movie ticket purchases in the country. However, digital movie viewing in the country is popular, with digital streaming and movie-related app usage relatively common.

  • Thursday, May 22, 2014
  • Digital Ad Spend to Rise Fastest in US Media and Entertainment Industry

    Digital advertising spending is expected to grow faster in media and entertainment than in other US industries covered by eMarketer. A key driver behind the projected increases is the heavy use of video and rich media ads, the two fastest-growing ad formats, by marketers of news media, movies, TV shows, games and music.

  • US Financial Industry Increases Mobile Spending to Push New Services

    Advertising spending in paid digital media by the US financial services industry will hit $6.20 billion in 2014 and rise to $9.57 billion by 2018, according to a new eMarketer report series on industry-by-industry digital ad spending. Mobile advertising is becoming a substantial part of the digital media mix for the financial industry, driven by broader market trends as well as a concerted push by institutions to get consumers to use mobile financial services.

  • Millennial Mothers in the UK Are Massively Mobile

    Conventional wisdom runs that mobile penetration among UK millennials is particularly high. It is also widely accepted that UK mothers are well “switched on” to the mobile world. It comes as no surprise, therefore, to learn that millennial mothers in the country are particularly reliant on their mobile devices.

  • Longer Contracts Mean Higher Bills for Canada's Mobile Users

    The average amount mobile users in Canada are spending on wireless subscriptions is going down, but users with long-term contracts are still paying more.

  • Wednesday, May 21, 2014
  • Branding-Focused Ads Remain No. 1 for US CPG Industry

    For the consumer packaged goods (CPG) and consumer products industry, branding remains the main focus. According to a new eMarketer report, direct response accounts for about one-third of digital ad spend in the space, while brand messaging claims the other two-thirds. Brands are also upping spend on mobile, which will grab 33.5% of CPG and consumer products digital ad spending this year.

  • Direct-Response Spending Flying High in US Travel Industry

    The US travel industry will invest $4.15 billion in digital advertising in 2014, a 21.3% gain from 2013. According to a new eMarketer report, travel advertisers will commit 74% of their digital dollars to direct-response efforts, as opposed to 26% on branding. As travel marketers make changes to deal with high mobile device usage, mobile with grab 35.5% of digital ad spend.

  • Two in Five Internet Users in Germany Hit by Cybercrime in 2013

    Fully 38% of Germany’s web users fell victim to cyberattacks last year. The most common problems were malware and phishing that gathered online passwords or other personal data.

  • Digital Ad Spending Surpassed $115 Million in Colombia in 2013

    Digital ad spending in Colombia came up to $115.2 million in 2013. Digital ad gains were mostly fueled by online ads shown on laptops and desktops only, which totaled $112.8 million. By comparison, mobile ad spending reached $2.5 million and a diminished 2.15% share of digital advertising.

  • Mall of America Plans to Install Bluetooth Tracking, Along with Wi-Fi

    In installing Wi-Fi at the Mall of America, Jill Renslow, vice president of business development and marketing, tells eMarketer that plans also call for installing Bluetooth, and coordinating with all the outlets to be sure the customers don’t get overwhelmed with messaging.In installing Wi-Fi at the Mall of America, Jill Renslow, vice president of business development and marketing, tells eMarketer that plans also call for installing Bluetooth, and coordinating with all the outlets to be sure the customers don’t get overwhelmed with messaging.

  • Tuesday, May 20, 2014
  • Direct-Response Tactics Take Majority of US Marketers' Budgets

    The sweeping story of overall digital ad spending growth can overshadow important subtrends within individual industries. eMarketer’s ad spending report series breaks down digital spending by objective—direct response vs. branding—to reflect the nuances across industries. In addition, new in this year’s reports are eMarketer’s first-ever estimates of mobile vs. desktop spending on an industry-by-industry basis. Overall, marketers will spend 60% of budgets on direct response this year, and mobile will claim more than 35% of digital ad spending.

  • Affluents Dreaming of New Cars, Revamped Homes

    New cars and remodeled homes are top of mind for US affluents this year. However, a large percentage of consumers in this demographic still plan to pinch pennies when it comes to major purchases.

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