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  • Tuesday, December 10, 2013
  • Key Trends for 2014: New Demands Accelerate Marketing

    The rapid emergence of the everywhere, always-connected consumer places new demands on marketers. A new eMarketer report explores what that means for always-on—and always-on-demand—marketing.

  • Do Millennials Watch Online Videos Differently?

    Is it safe to assume that younger consumers watch more content online? Research indicates that this is the case. But millennials’ proclivity for multitasking may be having a surprising effect on the impact that digital video ads have on this age demographic.

  • Digital Ad Spending Struggles in Spain

    The troubled economy is taking its toll on digital advertising, with spending on internet ads down nearly 6% between H1 2012 and the first half of this year, according to research.

  • Monday, December 09, 2013
  • Key Trends for 2014: Always-On Commerce

    “Always-on commerce” is a subtle but significant evolution from “everywhere commerce,” brought on by consumers’ ubiquitous connectivity. A new eMarketer report explores this and other key trends for next year.

  • As Wearable Tech Sales Grow, So Do Privacy Concerns

    Global wearable smart device sales will reach 64.0 million units by 2017, research finds. But while these smart technologies are supposed to make people’s lives easier, consumers are voicing privacy concerns.

  • Digital Saturation Spreads Slowly Throughout Europe

    Though Western Europe is one of the most advanced internet markets in the world, this year is the first in which a majority of residents of Central and Eastern Europe will have internet access, according to new estimates from eMarketer. Meanwhile, in Western countries, estimates have been revised in light of new data that suggests saturation is closer than ever.

  • Friday, December 06, 2013
  • Beauty Sector Sees Strong Ecommerce Growth

    While several retail categories are experiencing impressive ecommerce sales growth in 2013, none is seeing a rate higher than that of the beauty category. Research shows that brands are increasing their budgets to add certain kinds of functionality, such as user reviews and customer Q&As, to their sites.

  • Financial Firms Integrate Social Communities on Their Own Sites

    Misha Logvinov tells eMarketer that social media has caused a big industry shift for financial services marketers: “the bar has gotten a lot higher when it comes to consumer expectations for response to their complaint.”

  • Web Users in the Middle East Emphasize Social Networking

    In terms of time spent online, the broad Middle East and Africa region lags behind the worldwide average. But a new eMarketer report explores how residents of the region spend a significant chunk of their online time on social media.

  • Badoo Becomes No. 3 Social Network in Brazil

    In Brazil, as in most other markets, Facebook retains the largest number of social network users. But in the country’s ample social media space, multiple social networks battle for additional marketshare and keep the market dynamic.

  • Thursday, December 05, 2013
  • PCs Still Tops for Web Shopping Across Categories

    There’s no question mobile devices are more important than ever in the online shopping landscape, but people still prefer PCs for researching and purchasing products and services. Research suggests that although most internet users have bought via mobile at some point, it’s a much rarer occurrence.

  • Mobile Meets Social Across Demographics

    Social networks like Twitter and Facebook have quickly built significant mobile revenue streams—on the basis of significant mobile user populations. And research suggests that social networks have become a mobile proposition for internet users across demographics.

  • UK Web Users Flock to Digital Banking

    Internet banking is quickly becoming as popular as using bank branches, according to research. Mobile, on the other hand, still lags behind other channels in popularity.

  • Wednesday, December 04, 2013
  • Text, Coupons Replace Flash Deals as Mobile Holiday Focus

    Last year, flash sales and daily deals were the hottest promotions for retailers targeting mobile users during the holiday season, according to research. But merchants are going in a different direction this year, plying shoppers with text messages and normal coupons instead.

  • Is the Future of Programmatic Premium?

    Marketers first turned to programmatic advertising—an automated, technology-driven method of buying digital display advertising—to take advantage of the audience targeting and cost efficiencies afforded via real-time bidding (RTB). But as a new, nonauction-based branch of programmatic advertising, programmatic direct, gains momentum, large brands and premium publishers who once shied away from programmatic advertising are revisiting that decision.

  • Canadians Take Food Fact-Finding Online

    Internet users in Canada are taking new interest in their food habits and their online behaviors are evolving as a result. From looking up recipes and reviews to finding new restaurants, tech-savvy web users are making the most of their technology—online and mobile—through every step of the mealtime decision-making process.

  • TV Ads Part of the Christmas Tradition in the UK

    The reach and influence of digital advertising continues to grow. However, at Christmastime in the UK, TV ads carry a great deal of weight. Indeed, they have more influence on buying decisions during the holidays than any other form of advertising.

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