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  • Monday, October 07, 2013
  • Marketers Uncertain About Future Digital Marketing Priorities

    With the digital landscape changing quickly, marketers are understandably left uncertain about where to place their resources in the near future. Research shows US marketing professionals feel confident in building their brands, but are less certain about dealing with issues related to ecommerce, along with personalization and targeting.

  • Adults Dominate Among Italy's Daily Web Users

    Just 15.7% of residents who use the web daily in Italy are younger than 25, according to research, whereas those between 35 and 54 years old account for nearly half of daily users. Senior citizens ages 74 and older are least engaged with the web, but daily users in that age bracket do spend three-quarters of an hour online, on average.

  • Friday, October 04, 2013
  • Brand Promotions Are Most Popular Facebook Ads

    Facebook is, unsurprisingly, the leading site for US social campaigns, and brand promotions are the leading Facebook ads used by companies. Most agency execs spend 5% or less of their clients’ budgets on paid social media, but a fair proportion spend more than that.

  • Ford Zones in on Mobile Video for Hispanic Car Buyers

    While holding to one strategy, Ford seeks to serve varied Hispanic markets, says multicultural marketing manager David Rodriguez.

  • Robust Growth Continues for Social Ad Spend in Canada

    eMarketer’s latest forecast of ad spending in Canada projects strong double-digit growth in social network ad spending for the foreseeable future. Meanwhile, usage levels have plateaued, meaning advertisers will be spending significantly more in coming years to reach each social network user in the country.

  • UK Online Clothing Shoppers Still Favor the PC

    More than four out of five UK digital shoppers still primarily use their PC to shop for clothing online. And when these shoppers visit fashion retail sites, there are still some areas that they believe could use improvement, most notably having a better sense of whether clothing will fit them.

  • Thursday, October 03, 2013
  • B2Cs, B2Bs See Digital, Social Ad Spend Rising, as Traditional Stalls

    B2C and B2B marketers in the US expect digital ad investment to continue rising this year, though for those in the B2C product and B2B service sectors, growth rates will not be as high as in 2012. Social will also continue increasing its share of marketer budgets. Meanwhile, traditional media will lose ad dollar investments.

  • Substantial Share of Mobile, Social Gamers Make In-Game Purchases

    Research finds that more than two out of five US gamers have made an in-game purchase in a mobile game, and only slightly fewer have made an in-game purchase while playing a Facebook game. But only a small number are actually paying for games.

  • Online Shoppers in Brazil Heavily Swayed by Social Media Ads

    Facebook has become the leading publisher of display advertising in Brazil, beating the country’s popular web portals for viewers as well as impressions. Among Brazil’s considerable social audience, social media advertising is having a large impact on the behavior of online shoppers.

  • Ereader Price Wars Highlight Consumer Indifference in the UK

    Following on from huge growth in 2011 and 2012, ereaders are seeing their usage tail off quicker than expected in the UK. Ereader device-makers are responding by discounting their devices, but it’s unclear if the practice will work.

  • Wednesday, October 02, 2013
  • Improving Customer Experience Leads Big Data Priorities

    The quantity of data that US companies are trying to process is only growing, and creating actionable insights from all that data remains a leading challenge. As for what Big Data can offer businesses, improved customer experience leads the priorities for implementing data, followed by process efficiency.

  • US Affluents Use More Digital Devices

    It seems a foregone conclusion, but those in the US with higher incomes have more digital devices at hand. These affluents are also extremely likely to use the internet every day, far ahead of any other media channel. And they cite convenience as the reason they prefer to shop online.

  • One-Third of UK Population Now Use Tablets

    New estimates from eMarketer find that 20 million people in the UK—more than one in three consumers—will use a tablet this year. Growth in tablet usage will be fastest among the oldest and youngest consumers, as lower-priced tablet alternatives drive more to adopt the devices.

  • Mobile Internet Advertising in Mexico Maintains Fast Ascent

    Mobile marketing revenues in Mexico registered a 98% expansion in 2012, according to research. The improvement brought mobile ad revenues up to an estimated MXN683 million ($51.9 million), a still small base. However, with more than 67 million mobile phone users in the country this year, more advertisers will likely join in.

  • Tuesday, October 01, 2013
  • TV Watchers Want Original Content, No Matter the Platform

    A majority of US consumers consider original programming to be an important factor in determining whether they would pay for a subscription service. While cable remains the dominant content subscription service, Netflix is not far behind.

  • Fitness, General Health Are Leading Health Apps

    A majority of web users still don’t use health apps, but there is a growing contingent (26.4%) that does—at least sometimes. Fitness and general health lead the pack. And in general, users think these apps have a positive impact on their health. For healthcare marketers, apps, and advertising in such apps, offers opportunity.

  • Smartphone Usage to Nearly Double in the Middle East and Africa

    The Middle East and Africa account for the second-largest mobile phone population of any region in the world, after Asia-Pacific, and smartphone use in the region will double this year. eMarketer’s latest Global Media Intelligence Report examines the media usage habits of one of the fastest-growing digital populations in the world.

  • UK Online Retail Growth Flatlines, as Mobile Drives Growth

    Mobile now accounts for all increases in UK retail ecommerce sales, according to research, with almost a quarter of all digital sales coming from mobile devices. Tablets are taking the lion’s share of mcommerce sales.

  • Monday, September 30, 2013
  • Advertisers Begin to Navigate the Mobile Landscape

    Mobile advertising is new territory for many marketers, but there is no question that investment is rising. Research finds that nearly 20% of US mobile marketers plan to up their spending on the format by 50% or more in the next two years. For now, mobile sites or landing pages were the most common types of inventory used as mobile ads.

  • Content Takes a Notable Share of Marketer Budgets

    Nearly half of marketers in North America devote 10% or more of their budgets to content creation, according to research. Articles and videos are the top pieces of content, and these are largely created in-house.

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