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  • Thursday, October 23, 2014
  • Germany's Digital Shoppers Get Fashionable Online

    Digital buyers in Germany are more likely to purchase clothing and shoes online than they are any other product type. However, despite apparel's popularity among digital buyers, web users in the country still prefer the physical store when spending money on such items.

  • Wednesday, October 22, 2014
  • Do Mothers Need Some Time Away from Social Media?

    Social networking may be stressing mothers out. Half of US mother social users report feeling pressure to create an image that their lives are perfect on social platforms, with younger mothers especially likely to feel this way. The majority of mothers have actually considered stopping use of or taking a break from social media due to burnout or frustration.

  • The Content Is Out, but Where's the ROI?

    More than three-quarters of business-to-consumer marketers use content marketing. However, they're still struggling to measure content effectiveness, citing this as the top content marketing challenge, and less than one-quarter say they're successful at measuring return on investment.

  • UK Retailer Sites See Major Mobile Interest

    Digital shoppers in the UK invariably use their mobile devices at some point in the shopping journey. For 10 of the biggest retailers in the UK with a digital presence, that's very much the case. In the past year they saw a surge in the amount of Android users headed to their sites and apps vs. declines in desktop and laptop users.

  • Facebook Messenger Makes Its Mark in APAC

    Facebook's release of a separate messaging app wasn't exactly greeted with open arms in the US, but the story is different across Asia-Pacific. Nearly 60% of mobile web users in the Philippines and 57% in India use Facebook Messenger, according to research, and close to half in Malaysia and Vietnam do, too.

  • Despite Huge Digital Video Audience, Brazil Sees Low Video Ad Engagement

    Brazil is home to the largest digital video viewer audience in Latin America, and the country boasts the highest penetration in the region as well. However, that's not translating to high video ad engagement.

  • Tuesday, October 21, 2014
  • Where Can Digital Video Ads Have Consumers' Attention? Smartphones

    The device on which a digital video ad is viewed—not mood, location or content genre—matters the most when it comes to grabbing a viewer's eye, and smartphones are the best at this, beating out tablets and PCs for audience attention. These higher attention rates are proving to boost viewer purchase intent.

  • Want to Improve the Customer Experience? Get Aligned

    Marketers say having a senior management team committed to understanding the customer as well as functional alignment and support of a customer experience strategy are the most important attributes of customer centricity. However, few say their core teams are strongly aligned, and more than one-third don't even have a customer experience strategy to focus on.

  • Snapchat's Audience Is Teen-y

    Snapchat ran its first advertisement this past weekend. Usage of the disappearing photo-sharing app is still relatively low in the US, according to research, and those who do use it are overwhelmingly likely to be teens.

  • Android Leads Finland's Smartphone Market (but Not by Much)

    Android is the leading smartphone operating system in Finland, but Windows Phone trails right behind. In terms of brand, Nokia Lumia leads the pack—but once again, not by much, as Samsung grabs just a slightly smaller share of smartphone users.

  • Live Chat Can Turn One-Time Shoppers into Repeat Customers

    Retailers scrambling to tighten their operations before holiday season might want to consider adding live chat to their customer service arsenals—and doing so across channels.

  • Monday, October 20, 2014
  • YouTube Content Creator Channels Help Marketers Get in on the Right Action

    YouTube's unmatched range of content means marketers can find nearly every interest group and demographic among the site's visitors. The top content creators on YouTube have their own channels, and that structure gives marketers a distinct focus for ad placement. According to a new eMarketer report, the value of these specific content creators and their channels is their ability to give marketers a worthy mix of context and audience.

  • Branches Still Trump Digital for Banking … Sometimes

    Consumers are still most likely to go to a branch to conduct banking activities, but when it comes to frequency, online banking wins in weekly usage—by a long shot. Even mobile banking—not nearly as popular as online or physical, likely a result of security concerns—tops the branch in weekly usage.

  • Europe's Online Video Market Poised for Further Growth

    As Netflix expands in Europe, avid consumers are watching more video than ever before, boosting associated revenues to new highs. Most of the revenue growth in Europe will be associated with online subscription video-on-demand and ad-supported video.

  • Australia's Digital Buyers Look Overseas for Purchases

    Over one-quarter of digital buyers in Australia have made a cross-border purchase. Men are more likely than women to have done so. And while the youngest online buyers are especially fond of purchasing from abroad, even older shoppers show impressive levels of cross-border buying.

  • Half of Digital Shoppers Don't Want You Using Their Social Data

    Even before "big data" was an everyday phrase for digital marketers and retailers, the digital realm meant more and more of consumers' personal data was accessible to those looking to target them as customers. But how much of that data is fair game in consumers' minds?

  • Friday, October 17, 2014
  • Social Marketing 2015: The Key to ROI Will Come from Within

    For as long as social media marketing has been around, marketers have struggled with how to determine return on investment. According to a new eMarketer report, in 2015, marketers will finally start to realize that the answers to measuring social media success will come from internal metrics, rather than external.

  • Discover Tests Wearable Apps for Google Glass and Watches

    Discover launched a Google Glass app earlier this year to let cardholders access basic account-related information. Mike Boush, chief digital officer at Discover, tells eMarketer that the credit card company wants to learn as much as it can about wearables as the trend gathers steam.

  • Position Is Huge for Smartphone Search Ad CTRs

    Across mobile and desktop, paid search campaign clickthrough rates are highest for first-position ads—and this is especially prominent on smartphones. In all, search ads in the first position on smartphones account for close to 40% of clickthroughs.

  • What Retailers Might Add the Most Value with Location Tracking?

    In-store location tracking doesn't appeal to too many consumers—at least, not yet. According to April 2014 research, only a quarter of male smartphone owners and 29% of their female counterparts were likely or very likely to allow in-store tracking, even with incentives to do so. The rest were indifferent at best.

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