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  • Wednesday, October 01, 2014
  • The Wearables Marketing Mistake to Avoid

    Wearable device shipments are projected to grow by triple-digit percentages this year, and despite tempered enthusiasm, ignoring such devices is a mistake. According to a new eMarketer report, marketers looking to reach consumers through wearables should remember that, thanks to their small screen sizes, messages sent to these devices should drive interaction elsewhere.

  • How to Improve Strategic Partnerships (It's Important)

    As companies look to expand their reach globally, generate revenues and identify new customers, they're turning to strategic partnerships more than ever before. Though the overwhelming majority of execs say alliances are important, a decent percentage are still struggling to leverage them. As they look toward the future, firms plan to develop a strategy and targeted approach to improve such partnerships.

  • Programmatic Will Be Key to Europe's Digital Ad Market

    Automated ad buying in Western and Central and Eastern Europe more than doubled in 2013 to nearly €2.08 billion ($2.78 billion), according to recent research. As a result, programmatic buying was associated with an estimated 21.3% of online display ad spending in the region last year, compared with 11.9% in 2012. And that's just the beginning.

  • Canada's Internet Users Spend a Ton of Time with Smartphones

    Almost 25% of adult internet users in Canada have purchased a new smartphone in the past year, and nearly 20% have bought a tablet. According to research, smartphones are the consumer electronic device used most frequently, with 87% of owners doing so daily. Key features for smartphone and tablet buyers include price, battery life and touchscreen.

  • Monday, September 29, 2014
  • Apple Takes Biggest Bite of Mobile Web Traffic

    Apple devices account for over 50% of internet traffic on smartphones and 80% on tablets, according to research. Broken down by browser, Apple wins again, with traffic from Safari representing nearly 60% of mobile web visits on all devices combined.

  • Mobile Affects Purchases Way Before the Store

    Mobile has established itself early in the path to purchase. More than 80% of mobile users turn to such devices to research retail items prior to a shopping trip, and research can start up to 45 days in advance of buying. As a result of these habits, mobile users are most likely to engage with retail ads before stepping foot in a brick-and-mortar establishment, with those including information about discounts and sales the most popular.

  • Video-on-Demand Changes Viewing Habits in Germany

    In Germany, fans of films and TV increasingly turn to video-on-demand (VOD) to watch this content. For most consumers, the ability to view when and where they want is the most compelling reason to adopt VOD. The recent launch of US-based VOD provider Netflix in Germany has animated the debate about the potential of paid-for video services in the country.

  • Friday, September 26, 2014
  • How to Make Social Commerce More Appealing

    Just 5% of US adult internet users have made a purchase on a social network, according to research. What could help spark their interest? Social networkers say they would be more likely to buy via such platforms if they know their credit card information is secure and that their purchases won't be shared.

  • Marketing in China: Youku Tudou's Ad Campaign Delivered Millions of Views, 2 Billion Impressions

    In addition to standard ads such as banners and pre-rolls, China's largest video platform, Youku Tudou, featured consumer-created minidocumentaries as part of a spring festival campaign for Intel. Some of the films reaped 5 million views, and together all the films totaled 2 billion impressions. Frankie Fu, vice president of sales operation at Youku Tudou, spoke with eMarketer about the effort.

  • How Many Online Purchases Are the Norm for Norway's Digital Buyers?

    Adult internet users in Norway who buy digitally are most likely to do so between one and three times over a three-month period, research finds. The majority of the country's online buyers still choose domestic sites for digital purchases, though nearly one-third do turn to foreign ones.

  • Latin America Lags Far Behind in Social Ad Spend per User

    Social network ad spending in Latin America will hit $541.7 million this year, eMarketer estimates. On a per-user basis, growth will be a strong 32.7%, and advertisers will spend $2.38 on paid media placements for each social network user in the region. Still, this is far behind spending levels in more mature markets, including North America, Western Europe and even Asia-Pacific.

  • Thursday, September 25, 2014
  • Online Discounts vs. Free Shipping: A Battle of the Ages

    Pretty much everyone loves a good deal when shopping digitally, and online retailers cite percentage discounts and free or discounted shipping as the most effective customer incentives. However, age plays a big role in which one internet users prefer: Young consumers show a strong preference for discounts, while older age groups are big fans of free shipping.

  • Which Mobile Location Ads Are the Most Accurate?

    Hyperlocal campaigns account for nearly half of accurate mobile location-based ad impressions in the US, according to recent data. The majority of mobile device users say they like ads that have geographically relevant info, and as a result, mobile location-based ad and marketing spending is set to skyrocket in the coming years.

  • UK Holiday Shopping: Black Friday, Cyber Monday Cross the Atlantic

    eMarketer expects growth in UK holiday season retail ecommerce to expand at an impressive rate this year and account for an increasing share of total retail sales. And according to a new eMarketer report, the burgeoning popularity in the UK of US-import shopping opportunities like Black Friday and Cyber Monday is likely to fuel digital spending growth in the country during the holiday season.

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