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  • Wednesday, May 21, 2014
  • Branding-Focused Ads Remain No. 1 for US CPG Industry

    For the consumer packaged goods (CPG) and consumer products industry, branding remains the main focus. According to a new eMarketer report, direct response accounts for about one-third of digital ad spend in the space, while brand messaging claims the other two-thirds. Brands are also upping spend on mobile, which will grab 33.5% of CPG and consumer products digital ad spending this year.

  • Direct-Response Spending Flying High in US Travel Industry

    The US travel industry will invest $4.15 billion in digital advertising in 2014, a 21.3% gain from 2013. According to a new eMarketer report, travel advertisers will commit 74% of their digital dollars to direct-response efforts, as opposed to 26% on branding. As travel marketers make changes to deal with high mobile device usage, mobile with grab 35.5% of digital ad spend.

  • Two in Five Internet Users in Germany Hit by Cybercrime in 2013

    Fully 38% of Germany’s web users fell victim to cyberattacks last year. The most common problems were malware and phishing that gathered online passwords or other personal data.

  • Digital Ad Spending Surpassed $115 Million in Colombia in 2013

    Digital ad spending in Colombia came up to $115.2 million in 2013. Digital ad gains were mostly fueled by online ads shown on laptops and desktops only, which totaled $112.8 million. By comparison, mobile ad spending reached $2.5 million and a diminished 2.15% share of digital advertising.

  • Mall of America Plans to Install Bluetooth Tracking, Along with Wi-Fi

    In installing Wi-Fi at the Mall of America, Jill Renslow, vice president of business development and marketing, tells eMarketer that plans also call for installing Bluetooth, and coordinating with all the outlets to be sure the customers don’t get overwhelmed with messaging.In installing Wi-Fi at the Mall of America, Jill Renslow, vice president of business development and marketing, tells eMarketer that plans also call for installing Bluetooth, and coordinating with all the outlets to be sure the customers don’t get overwhelmed with messaging.

  • Tuesday, May 20, 2014
  • Direct-Response Tactics Take Majority of US Marketers' Budgets

    The sweeping story of overall digital ad spending growth can overshadow important subtrends within individual industries. eMarketer’s ad spending report series breaks down digital spending by objective—direct response vs. branding—to reflect the nuances across industries. In addition, new in this year’s reports are eMarketer’s first-ever estimates of mobile vs. desktop spending on an industry-by-industry basis. Overall, marketers will spend 60% of budgets on direct response this year, and mobile will claim more than 35% of digital ad spending.

  • Affluents Dreaming of New Cars, Revamped Homes

    New cars and remodeled homes are top of mind for US affluents this year. However, a large percentage of consumers in this demographic still plan to pinch pennies when it comes to major purchases.

  • Mcommerce Set to Boom in Italy

    As consumers in Italy adopt smartphones rapidly, the country’s retail market is moving to handsets. According to research, retail was the fastest-growing sector on mobile last year.

  • Stores as Distribution Centers

    Multichannel retailers have long complained about the unfair advantages held by Amazon.com and other pure play ecommerce companies. In some ways, they were right about the uphill battle they faced. Pure plays didn't have to deal with legacy real estate costs, and they didn't have to charge sales tax in many situations. Logistically, it just seemed that a company like Amazon had a built-in edge.

  • Monday, May 19, 2014
  • Local Search Near Universal Among Smartphone Users

    Nearly all consumers now use local search, running queries on their mobile devices and PCs to find local business hours, addresses, directions and product availability—and taking action after finding what they need. Advertisers are responding to consumers’ high local search usage—especially national ones, which will account for 40% of US local media ad spending this year.

  • Personal Care Brands Have Best Reputation Among Mothers

    According to research, personal care brands Dove and Johnson & Johnson are the most “mother-approved.” And as mothers continue to take to social networks, they’re using the space to interact with brands—at least ones that understand what matters to them and their values.

  • In-App Advertising in Fashion in the UK

    Smartphone penetration in the UK continues to increase, with users spending more time than ever with their indispensable pocket companions. And the expected rise of the mobile web is so far failing to halt the march of mobile apps. In-app advertising, therefore, is gaining momentum.

  • Consumers Stepped Back in April: Anomaly or Start of New Trend

    The past few weeks saw the release of some troubling data on consumer demand in Q2. First came the annual survey from the National Retail Federation (NRF), which asked consumers how much they planned to spend on Mother's Day 2014. Consumers responded that they would spend less this year. And last week, the US Census Bureau released some weaker-than-expected April retail sales data. Finally, consumer confidence dropped slightly in April. Taken together, the data indicated that the momentum from March had stalled a bit.

  • Friday, May 16, 2014
  • Mature Markets Upping Programmatic Buying, but Much Work Remains

    Programmatic buying in mature markets worldwide is advancing rapidly, but hurdles remain, with most US client-side marketers still struggling to execute the tactic.

  • CPG Ad Spending 2014: L'Oréal Looking to Invest More in Direct Response

    While consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies have a history of spending more for branding efforts, L'Oréal is going against the grain and planning to allocate more of its budget in direct-response initiatives. Roxanne Barretto, assistant vice president of US digital for L'Oréal, spoke with eMarketer about CPG digital ad spend trends for the year ahead, as well as predictions on direct response and mobile.

  • Social and TV Still Separate Activities for Young UK Consumers

    Nearly all 18-to-24-year-old UK internet users will be social networkers this year, but most still keep social media usage separate from TV time. Even on Twitter, whose real-time atmosphere may encourage posting while watching, few young TV viewers tweet along.

  • Programmatic to See Big-Time Growth in Latin America, Fueled by Brazil

    Latin America currently claims a small share of the programmatic market worldwide, but the region is poised for massive growth in the coming years—largely due to gains in Brazil, which should match those in the rest of the region combined.

  • Thursday, May 15, 2014
  • Connected TV Ads Important for Future—but Few Know How to Buy Them

    Though close to half of US digital media buyers consider connected TV ads when planning an online video campaign, a lack of knowledge around how to purchase such inventory appears to be holding many back. Still, nearly all media buyers plan to investigate connected TV video ad purchases in the future—and 75% will do so by next year.

  • Social Not a Big Help to Ecommerce

    From “like” buttons to pins and tweets, retailers have employed a plethora of social media tools. However, research finds that social networks account for little traffic to ecommerce sites—and even less sales.

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