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  • Monday, November 17, 2014
  • Loyalty Rules Men's Fragrance Market

    More than half of consumers use perfume or cologne. And when it comes time for holiday shoppers to stock up on gifts for their loved ones, one in five will opt to give cosmetics, fragrance, or a health and beauty aid, September 2014 data found. When buying for themselves, men stick with what they like.

  • Digital Ad Spending in Finland Surpasses TV for the First Time

    Advertisers in Finland spent more money on digital advertising than TV advertising for the first time ever during Q3 2014. With a 24% market share last quarter, digital ranked second only to newspapers and ahead of TV, which had a 23% share in the same time period.

  • Friday, November 14, 2014
  • Shoppers Turn to Smartphones and Tablets to Cash In Coupons

    The digital coupon audience continues to grow steadily as shoppers reach for their smartphones and tablets to find deals. eMarketer forecasts that between 2014 and 2016, mobile coupon users will climb from 70.0% to 82.0% of all people who redeem a digital coupon or code for online or offline shopping.

  • Hyundai's Connectivity Push Includes Apple, Android Integrations

    At Hyundai Motor America, driver connectivity comes in several guises. Michael Deitz, the automaker’s senior group manager of connected car and owner marketing, spoke to eMarketer’s Danielle Drolet about Hyundai’s connected car integrations.

  • Netflix Takes Two-Thirds of Over-the-Top Video Subscriptions in Latin America

    Having launched there in late 2011, Netflix brought over-the-top video services to life in the region. That year, less than half a million subscriptions to such services existed. This year, however, the category will grow 56.2% to reach 5.81 million.

  • Is Your Personalized Email Game Up to Holiday Demands?

    The holiday season is a key time for retailers' email programs to shine—or not. Personalization is a major component of successful email campaigns, but many retailers only have the most rudimentary ability to customize messages to shoppers.

  • Mobile Gives Boost to Western Europe Ad Market

    What's new with ad spending in Western Europe? A new eMarketer report explores how different markets are evolving at different speeds, with countries relatively better off economically, like Germany, still far ahead of economic laggards Italy and Spain.

  • Thursday, November 13, 2014
  • Are Social Media Marketers Losing Confidence?

    Nearly nine in 10 US companies will use social media for marketing purposes this year, we estimate, and according to research, the vast majority of the marketers who do these activities believe they are important. But are they confident that their efforts are contributing to the bottom line?

  • Mothers Primed for Mobile Health Opportunities

    Make it easy for them, and mothers are eager to track a variety of health and fitness metrics about themselves and their families on their smartphones. And as major users of mobile health information, that makes them a good target for healthcare marketers.

  • In Canada, Users Search for, Don't Share, Info on Social

    The top information resource used by internet users in Canada to find company information is unsurprising: search, according to a May survey. But social media was not far behind, with 46% of internet users saying they looked at social networks, professional networks and blogs when checking out company info on the web.

  • Most WeChat Users Shun Brand Accounts

    Instant messaging services are big in China. No news there—as of May 2014, 65% of internet users in the country used WeChat, the No. 2 service in reach after QQ, according to research. Overall, nearly nine in 10 internet users in the country reported using some kind of instant messaging service.

  • Showrooming May Hurt Electronics Retailers Most

    There is no dispute that shoppers showroom. This passive form of engagement, where they use physical brick-and-mortar stores to see items in person and buy online, leeches money from retail storefronts with pricey overhead. Meanwhile, shoppers just come in to touch items, maybe try them on, and many then hop on their mobile phones to find that same item elsewhere, most likely at a cheaper price online.

  • Germany's Teens Equipped with Multiple Devices

    Parents report smartphone ownership at record high levels, as 79% of teens own a web-enabled smartphone. How much time are teenagers spending with specific devices, and how much do these dominate their daily schedules?

  • Wednesday, November 12, 2014
  • Mobile Devices Spur Sharing of Timely Content

    In the age of social media, it's not uncommon to first learn about a major event via social feeds. The proliferation of social and mobile simply facilitate the sharing of timely news. While slightly more than half of regular content shares come from mobile devices, this changes significantly after a major event occurs.

  • Hispanics Continue to Overindex on Tablet Usage

    eMarketer forecasts that more than 147 million people in the US will use a tablet in 2014, up 11.2% from 2013 levels. The US tablet audience will account for 58.5% of internet users and 46.1% of the US population this year and is on track to include more than half of all people in the US by 2016. A new eMarketer report, "US Tablet Users: 2014 Complete Forecast Update," explores who those users are and what they're doing on their devices.

  • In Latin American Ecommerce, Argentina Lags Behind

    eMarketer estimates digital retailers will enjoy $5.5 billion in business-to-consumer ecommerce sales in Argentina this year, but the country lags its Latin American neighbors in usage of digital media for researching and purchasing a variety of items, according to research.

  • Marketers Optimistic on Digital Video Ads in Australia

    Digital video ad spending in Australia is going up—there's no question of that. But according to research, the buyers and the sellers of those ads are not equally optimistic about how much money is at stake.

  • Digital Christmas Sales to Hit New Record in Sweden

    Digital Christmas sales in Sweden are expected to reach a total of SEK4.3 billion ($659.51 million) in 2014, according to recent data. Internet users who plan to buy Christmas gifts digitally expect to spend 42% of their total Christmas budgets on the web and will have purchased the majority of their digital presents by early December.

  • CMO One-to-One: Neiman Marcus Readies Visual Search for Shoes and Handbags

    Wanda Gierhart, CMO of Neiman Marcus, talks about the luxury department store’s new mobile visual search tool built in partnership with image recognition company Slyce.

  • Tuesday, November 11, 2014
  • What Will It Take for Visual Search to Catch On?

    As people communicate with images more each day, a number of technology companies and retailers are exploring ways to tap this visual language for search. A new eMarketer report analyzes the possibilities for visual search, and how close it is to mass adoption.

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