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  • Wednesday, November 12, 2014
  • Marketers Optimistic on Digital Video Ads in Australia

    Digital video ad spending in Australia is going up—there's no question of that. But according to research, the buyers and the sellers of those ads are not equally optimistic about how much money is at stake.

  • Digital Christmas Sales to Hit New Record in Sweden

    Digital Christmas sales in Sweden are expected to reach a total of SEK4.3 billion ($659.51 million) in 2014, according to recent data. Internet users who plan to buy Christmas gifts digitally expect to spend 42% of their total Christmas budgets on the web and will have purchased the majority of their digital presents by early December.

  • CMO One-to-One: Neiman Marcus Readies Visual Search for Shoes and Handbags

    Wanda Gierhart, CMO of Neiman Marcus, talks about the luxury department store’s new mobile visual search tool built in partnership with image recognition company Slyce.

  • Tuesday, November 11, 2014
  • What Will It Take for Visual Search to Catch On?

    As people communicate with images more each day, a number of technology companies and retailers are exploring ways to tap this visual language for search. A new eMarketer report analyzes the possibilities for visual search, and how close it is to mass adoption.

  • Big Data Still Not Fundamentally Changing Business

    Big data is big. It's been making the media rounds now for years, and marketers are using it more widely than ever. They report it's making a difference across a host of areas in their business—but by most accounts, it's not changing things at a fundamental level.

  • UK Travel Industry Takes a Trip to Mobile Social

    In the UK's leisure, travel and tourism industry, a slight majority—55%—of social media ad spending is apportioned to the desktop platform. However, as social network users in the country increasingly head to mobile, so ad spend looks set to head in the same direction.

  • Not All Mcommerce Is Created Equal

    Mobile phones are changing the way consumers shop. With a device always at hand, researching and price comparing is a possibility anywhere at any time. Though most shoppers still purchase in-store, ecommerce sales continue to consume larger and larger chunks of retailers' totals. And as consumers become more reliant on their devices, especially their go-everywhere-do-everything smartphones, mcommerce comprises an even larger part of the ecommerce pie.

  • Monday, November 10, 2014
  • Majority of Digital Travel Researchers Will Be Mobile by Next Year

    2015 will be the tipping point: Half of digital travel researchers will check out flights, hotels and more not only on a desktop or laptop PC but also (or only) via mobile, eMarketer predicts. And smartphones are more commonly used for both researching and booking travel than tablets.

  • Auto Marketers: Your Opportunity Is in Tech

    US consumers are smitten with smartphones. And for decades, they've been swooning for automobiles. The connected car is a story of two love affairs finally intertwining—a development with immediate implications for marketers in automotive, tech and retail verticals and long-term implications for everyone, explored in a new eMarketer report.

  • 11/11 Blows Out Black Friday for Digital Shopping Worldwide

    Single's Day has morphed in China into the biggest online shopping day in the world. Alibaba has helped propel the event into a day of digital shopping, and sales are much higher than similar promotional events in the US.

  • Smartphones Rule in Spain

    Among Spain's mobile phone owners, smartphone penetration hit 83% this year—higher than in the UK or the US, according to comScore.

  • Will Click-and-Collect Catch on in the US?

    The benefits of click-and-collect seem clear: Shoppers don't have to worry about sitting at home waiting for packages (or items getting lost in the mail), and retailers can entice those inside brick-and-mortar stores with impulse buys. But will US consumers take up the practice en masse?

  • Friday, November 07, 2014
  • Mobile Gaming Revenues Won't Quit Growing

    Mobile gaming revenues will surpass those of the traditional console next year to become the largest gaming segment. According to recent research, revenues from mobile games will rise 42% in 2014 to hit $25.0 billion. The total will come in at $30.3 billion next year and $40.9 billion in 2017. Smartphones will account for the majority of revenues through 2017, but those from tablets are increasing at a faster pace.

  • Millennial Mothers More Apt Than Other Mothers to Filter Out Advertising, Social Media Noise

    The amount of pressure mothers tend to put on themselves can lead to high levels of stress, especially when images of other mothers who seem to be doing everything right are so readily available on social media and advertising. Christine Wilson, founder of MtoM Consulting, spoke with eMarketer’s Stephanie Wharton about how millennial mothers are better equipped to filter out the unauthentic noise.

  • Twitter, Facebook Serve Different Purposes in Canada

    Facebook is for your social graph, and Twitter is for your interest graph—so the conventional wisdom goes. Certainly, the services have different use cases, and based on research in Canada, they may be even more different than you thought.

  • Christmas Shopping Challenges Consumers in Germany

    Even in Europe's most robust economy, one-third of shoppers are concerned about the cost of gifts, meals and other holiday expenses.

  • Mobile Phone Users in Latin America Eagerly Embrace Over-the-Top Services

    Mexico leads the region in over-the-top (OTT) mobile service adoption with a 75% penetration rate among mobile phone users this year. Across Latin America, an average 67% of mobile phone users use OTT services over their phone during the same period.

  • Dynamic Pricing Made for a Spooky Halloween

    Dynamic pricing, the practice of setting a price for a good or service based on the real-time demand for that good or service and its availability or supply, may be the future of retail. The retail industry, following in the footsteps of travel and hospitality, knows that real-time price shifts online will not only buffer against showrooming—shoppers can't rely on prices online to be cheaper or quantities more abundant—but also maximize revenues.

  • Thursday, November 06, 2014
  • Print Promotions Remain Pillar for US Grocery Coupon Cutters

    A July 2014 study indicates that reading printed circulars at home is the most popular way US grocery shoppers save cash. Half of all respondents did so before their last supermarket trip. Comparably, only 4.0% of shoppers found a promotion on social media.

  • How Coordinated Are Demand Generation and Sales Teams?

    Few business-to-business marketing and sales professionals say their demand generation and sales training teams are completely coordinated, yet 40.2% believe that alignment leads to better lead conversion and closed deals. The good news? Demand generation is set to see more money in 2015, with search and social grabbing the most dollars.

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