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  • Tuesday, October 28, 2014
  • Should Retailers Worry (More) About Cross-Border Shopping?

    Digital shopping across analog borders is nothing new. While Americans may be less familiar with the practice than digital shoppers in other countries, with less vibrant online marketplaces, early peer-to-peer shopping experiences on eBay were frequently international in nature, and anyone who's scoured the web for an unusual book, music recording or film has probably made an overseas purchase at some point. But research keeps rolling in about more countries where the domestic ecommerce market just isn't enough.

  • Mobile Payments Set to Make Their Mark in the UK

    The mobile payments market in the UK has been in a state of stasis for some time, but the next few years could see this type of payment process take off in the country. As more and more players enter the space along with, most importantly, better underlying cohesion, what has so far been a "minority sport" could soon become a common occurrence.

  • Monday, October 27, 2014
  • SMBs Spruce Up Online Efforts for Holiday Present Purchases

    The holidays present a big opportunity for small and medium-sized businesses' (SMBs') online sales. Over three-quarters feel optimistic that they'll drive more digital sales this season compared with the period last year, and more than half are prepared for the shopping frenzy to begin. When it comes to pushing consumers to complete purchases on their websites, SMBs are focusing on streamlining the checkout process, offering shipping discounts and personalization.

  • Why Watch Online TV? It Makes Life Easier

    Consumers have taken to online TV because of its flexibility and convenience. While a decent percentage of internet users now take the timeshifting route, they don't usually push off their catch-up viewing for more than three days after a show airs, no matter where they end up watching.

  • Mobile Internet Is a Big Draw in Germany

    More than 34 million people in Germany went online with a mobile device in Q2 2014—over half of the population—according to recent research. Many also bought via mobile, with apps, books and shoes the most popular purchases.

  • For Mobile Web Traffic in Latin America, Android Reigns

    Android accounts for a huge majority of mobile internet traffic across Latin America, according to recent research. And most mobile devices in the region—including both tablets and smartphones—run on Google's operating system.

  • Will Consumers in India Open Up to Mobile Email?

    Just like in developed digital markets, marketers in developing markets are struggling to keep up with email marketing's shift to mobile. In India, for example, nearly 89 million people will access their email via mobile this year—a figure that will pass 200 million by 2018, according to recent estimates.

  • Got a Seamless Customer Experience Yet?

    A survey from customer experience management firm SDL of more than 3,000 global shoppers found that they want a positive customer experience from their retailers more than anything else. For most, that means consistency across channels—that is, retailers must meet expectations that the quality and quantity of information and service online and offline will match. What the study also announced is that 66% of consumers said they are willing to pay a premium to get that positive experience.

  • Friday, October 24, 2014
  • Bitcoin: Will Consumers Say, 'Show Me the Virtual Money'?

    Even as announcements and media attention help increase awareness of Bitcoin among consumers, many struggle to understand why they should use it instead of another form of digital payment. Specifically, concerns around price volatility and security are keeping many potential users on the sidelines, according to a new eMarketer report.

  • Real-Time Marketing Requires Patience and Listening

    The definition of real-time marketing continues to evolve, leaving marketers unsure just how swiftly they should be hooking into major cultural moments. In an interview with eMarketer, Joe McCaffrey, planning director and head of social at digital agency Huge, discusses real-time social marketing and attribution modeling.

  • Millennials' Social Shares Don't Stop with the Post

    Millennials are more likely than the general population to share digital content via social, and their posts don't go unnoticed by peers. Nearly two-thirds of 18- to 34-year-olds are at least somewhat likely to make a purchase based on content shared by a friend on social. Among the population as a whole, social chatter is becoming more influential on purchasing and consumption decisions.

  • Mobile UK Mothers Message via WhatsApp

    UK mother smartphone users turn to their phones most to text and access social media. Mobile instant messaging apps are also popular among mothers in the country, and those who use them are far and away most likely to use WhatsApp.

  • Growing Smartphone User Base in Mexico Fuels Messaging App Uptake

    After an early phase of adoption led by top-earning consumers, smartphone uptake is finally spreading in Mexico. As a result, the overall smartphone user base will continue to expand at double-digit rates through 2018. Such fast-paced advanced mobile device uptake is fueling the popularity of over-the-top mobile messaging services, which 49.8 million consumers in Mexico will use this year.

  • Consumers Expect Omnichannel Experience This Holiday Season

    With holiday season 2014 rapidly approaching, retailers are investing in their fulfillment infrastructure and making sure those omnichannel marketing schemes, designed to reach consumers at every point of their shopping journeys, are up to snuff. But shoppers this year demand more than ever. In a new study of 3,000 global shoppers by SDL, 90% of consumers said they expected the customer experience to be consistent across channels and devices this holiday season. This represents a 17% increase from what consumers reported last year, the research said.

  • Thursday, October 23, 2014
  • Why Marketing Tech Investments Will Change in 2015

    Technology has become critical to marketing, and marketers are adopting new tools in order to improve customer service, satisfaction and retention. When evaluating technologies to invest in, marketers say it is necessary for them to be able to fully integrate the new with the old.

  • Smartphone-Toting Millennials Fuel Demand for Mobile-Optimized Sites

    Nearly 90% of millennial smartphone users say their phones never leave their side—both day and night. With their smartphones in hand almost every minute, it makes sense that millennial users would turn to such devices to surf the web. However, 86% have noted that a lot of websites still don't offer a good mobile experience—a problem when one considers that nearly half attempt to access a company's mobile site at least once a day.

  • Consumers Get Engaged with Rich Media

    Due to their high-impact formats and bigger sizes, rich media ads see far higher clickthrough rates (CTRs) and engagement compared with standard banners. Average playtime for rich media ads with videos is also longer than for regular video ads. Sports rich media ads lead all other industries in CTR and engagement, while rich media ads for the news industry have the highest average engagement time and video playtime.

  • Indonesia to Boast Double-Digit Ad Growth for Foreseeable Future

    Total paid media spending in Indonesia will rise by 22.0% to $11.16 billion this year, according to eMarketer estimates. Double-digit growth will continue through at least 2018, when spending will near $20 billion.

  • Millennials Want Special Attention In-Store

    The way to court millennials is to give them special attention, according to LoyaltyOne, a Toronto-based loyalty program consultancy. Its US consumer survey, which polled 1,034 young adults in the US ages 18 to 29, found that providing one-on-one time with experts in-store could build affinity and brand loyalty among this elusive demographic.

  • Immigrants in Canada: Just How Big Is Their Spending Power?

    Canada is one of the most multicultural nations in the world—and especially so among developed countries. As a community, foreign-born residents' impact on consumer behavior is already profound. According to a new eMarketer report, they have robust spending power, and their spending is growing significantly faster than that of Canada's native-born population.

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