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Friday, April 11, 2014
Forget Peers—Prices Have the Most Influence on Young UK Consumers’ Purchases
Due to their limited income, younger consumers in the UK are most influenced by price when making purchase decisions. As a result, they’re turning to showrooming, just like the overall UK population.
Thursday, April 10, 2014
Total US Retail Sales Top $4.5 Trillion in 2013, Outpace GDP Growth
Total retail sales in the US are leading economic growth, rising 4.2% in 2013 to pass $4.53 trillion, according to new eMarketer figures. Ecommerce and mobile sales are fueling gains and will continue to grab share of the retail market in the coming years.
CPG Brands See Better Engagement, Reach with Digital Video
Consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands are increasing spending on digital video. According to a new eMarketer report, CPG marketers have found that better engagement and brand recall are some of the top benefits of digital video.
In the UK, Real-Time Social Media Marketing Focuses on the Customer
UK marketers cite increased audience engagement as a top benefit to real-time social marketing. But challenges abound when it comes to who handles real-time interactions outside of the workday.
Smartphones and Tablets Go Head-to-Head for Digital Purchases in Brazil
Increased mobile device adoption in Brazil has tablets and smartphones making significant dents in the country’s digital purchases. But mobile’s influence on the shopping experience goes way beyond pushing the “Place Order” button.
Wednesday, April 09, 2014
Mobile Search Reshapes the Path to Purchase
Consumers still prefer to complete purchases on desktops, but mobile search is playing a key role at the beginning of the purchase path, according to a new eMarketer report. As a result, marketers are looking to build a consistent experience for consumers across platforms.
Wearable Devices Shift from Accessories to Ad Platforms
As wearable tech usage surges, advertisers are looking to such devices as an ad platform. Wearable device connections are expected to jump more than 704.5% between 2013 and 2018, and mobile data traffic on wearables will also see large increases.
Big Data Needs to Be Smart Data for UK Marketing Professionals
Marketing professionals in the UK realize the potential benefits of big data and are either using it now or plan to do so in the near future. But one of the biggest challenges they face is figuring out just how much of this data is correct or useful.
Future Is Upbeat for Digital Music Services in Canada
Consumers in Canada are rapidly adopting digital music services. Men and younger adults are the most likely to turn up the volume on digital devices.
Tuesday, April 08, 2014
SMBs Up Website Spending
Company websites are poised to see the highest increase in digital ad spending by small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). However, an overwhelming majority of SMBs still aren’t optimizing their sites for mobile.
Game Apps Are No. 1 for Amazon, Apple and Google
US mobile users spend far more time with apps than the internet itself, and gaming grabs the largest share of app time. As a result, games lead in number of downloads from the Apple App Store and Amazon Appstore, as well as installs on Google Play devices.
Parents Failing to Keep Kids Safe Online in the UK
Kids in the UK are getting increasingly digital, with levels of device usage rising fast. But in many cases, parents are failing to put adequate protection in place on these devices, leaving their children open to inappropriate content.
Affluents in Mexico Overindex for Smartphone, Tablet Usage
Consumers in the top socioeconomic categories in Mexico (AB and C+) represent about 21% of the population, according to a new eMarketer report. Unsurprisingly, affluents in the country overindex for mobile usage across devices.
Monday, April 07, 2014
Social Usage During TV Time Still Small
Social media has a long way to go before it becomes a standard part of TV viewing, according to research, which found that just 16.1% of viewers used a social platform when watching a program. Millennials are the age group most likely to engage in social TV.
How Are You Measuring Ad Viewability?
Advertisers and publishers turn to ad verification to validate the delivery of display ads, and perhaps nowhere is that validation gaining more attention today than with viewability, according to a new eMarketer report. But as statistics suggest that viewability causes significant ad spending waste, advertisers are demanding a standardized measurement system.
Mobile Marketing in Spain Worth Over €110 Million in 2013
Total spending on mobile marketing in Spain rose nearly 20% last year, according to national sources. As a result, marketers are working harder to get their messages seen by mobile phone and tablet users.
Friday, April 04, 2014
Live Online Video Popular for Business Communications
Live online video is the No. 1 choice for business communications, beating out social media platforms by a long shot. Desktops are still the most common way to watch live online business video, though smartphones and tablets are catching up.
Twitter’s TV-Centricness Dials Up Sprint’s ‘Framily’ Effort
In an interview with eMarketer, Scott Zalaznik, vice president of digital at Sprint, talks about the telecom’s Oscar success and how he sees a great deal of synergy between Twitter and TV. A live event works great for Twitter, he says, because live TV is very much in the moment, which is what Twitter is all about.
Third-Party Providers Drive Mobile Payments in China
China’s mobile payments landscape is in its infancy, even as the country’s mobile commerce market is emerging as one of the largest in the world, according to a new eMarketer report. Companies outside of the traditional financial services sector are driving much of the activity and innovation around mobile payments in the country.
In the UK, Consumers Not Interested in Paying for Digital News
UK consumers currently have shown little interest in paying for digital news, with around three-quarters preferring the “free” paywall model. Recent research finds that this won’t be changing anytime soon.


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