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Long-Form Video Content Rivals Short, Even on Smartphones

Full-length movies, TV shows nearly as popular as snackable clips

The assumption that a small screen—like that of a smartphone—might be more typically used for viewing short, snackable video clips rather than long-form content seems simple. But research suggests full-length movies and TV shows come close to news clips and previews in popularity among smartphones video viewers.

According to research from Digitalsmiths, just over 42% of internet users in North America watched news video content on their smartphones, and more than 36% watched previews for TV shows or movies.

That compared with 30.9% of respondents who said they watched full-length movies on their phones, and 27% who watched TV show reruns.

Most respondents did not have any special subscription service to watch digital video content, but among those that did, Netflix was most popular, followed by Amazon Prime.

eMarketer estimates that in the US alone, 72.1 million smartphone users watched video on their devices at least monthly this year, a figure that will rise to 86.8 million by the end of 2014.

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