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Heavy Male Skew in Online Video Viewing in Colombia

Youngest men view most online videos

Gender appears to have a significant effect on digital video consumption in Colombia, according to data from comScore Video Metrix.

According to research, men in Colombia spent an average of 13.6 hours watching 174.3 videos online in October 2013. Women, by contrast, watched less than 8 hours of online video in total that month, and averaged nearly 50 fewer videos in that timeframe.

Age also played a role in online video viewing habits, with the youngest internet users spending more time to watch more videos. But the pattern was less stark. In fact, among women, the oldest internet users spent slightly longer watching digital videos than the youngest. Male video viewers exhibited a more typical early-adopter pattern with respect to age.

Overall, according to comSocre, nearly nine in 10 internet users in Colombia watched online video in October, for a total of 10.8 million unique viewers that month.

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