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Google, Facebook, YouTube Lose Slight Share of UK Site Visits

eBay, Windows Live, BBC make gains

Google UK, Facebook and YouTube together accounted for 13.37% of total UK visits to online properties in September 2013, according to research from Experian Marketing Services. Given the vastness of the web, that’s a major consolidation around those properties. No other website ranked above a 2% share.

However, the share of visits to Google and Facebook have actually diminished since December 2012 and for YouTube since March 2013, as other sites have gained greater traction.

In December 2012, Google UK accounted for 8.80% of site and Facebook for 5.63%. YouTube took a 3.39% share in March and slipped only slightly to 3.14% six months later. Interest in video does not seem to be diminishing, but perhaps just changing platforms. YouTube Mobile ranked in the top 10 for the first time in September.

Other websites that have made gains include eBay UK, Windows Live Mail, BBC Homepage. These gains have been slight, however, under 0.5% for each, and no site is coming close to rivaling the top contenders.



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