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Faster Mobile Service Boosts Usage in UK

Half of 4G customers browse the web via mobile more than before

Home and work broadband are still the preferred methods of connecting to the internet for long-term use, according to UK research, but adoption of faster 4G mobile internet connections is getting many mobile customers to do more with the mobile web.

October 2013 research by mobile service provider EE found that half of its customers reported doing more web browsing on mobile since they had switched to a 4G connection. More than a third also said they were using more GPS-based services on their mobile devices, as well as downloading apps, streaming video content and using social media.

Doing something more, however, does not necessarily mean doing it to the exclusion of previous activities. Though there is plenty of evidence that consumers are spending more time than ever on mobile devices—and advertisers are following them with their dollars—home and work computers still accounted for the longest daily sessions with the internet.

The study also found a male skew in 4G mobile users, with 58% men and 42% women. 4G users were also more likely to be under 35.

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