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Ecommerce in Brazil Surges with Middle-Class Adoption

New buyers continue to drive growth in ecommerce, even as average ticket size declines

The future of ecommerce in Brazil is looking bright. According to the March 2012 “WebShoppers” report from e-bit, a leading ecommerce data provider in Brazil, the number of online buyers in the country reached 31.9 million in 2011, an increase of nearly 9 million over 2010. The firm reported that 2011’s growth was due mostly to a surge in middle-class buyers, who made up 61% of all first-time buyers that year.

e-bit forecasts overall spending to increase as more consumers shop online, with sales in 2012 reaching $12.6 billion, a 25% rise over 2011’s total. However, average ticket size fell from $202 in 2010 to $189 in 2011.

WorldPay, a global payments consultancy, also considers Brazil a prime market for ecommerce, driven by higher overall internet adoption rates and an increase in “light buyers,” people that go online for small purchases like digital music and toiletries. In January and February 2012, the firm surveyed internet users worldwide who had shopped online in the past six months and found that, on average, online buyers in Brazil spent 27% of their disposable income online, compared to 23% in the US and 17% in Canada.

All of these signs point to a robust future in ecommerce for the largest economy in South America. eMarketer forecasts total ecommerce sales in Brazil, including travel, digital downloads and event tickets, to reach $26.9 billion by 2015, a 76% gain from 2011’s total.

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