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Digital Music Streamers Stay Home in the UK

Mobile music streaming uncommon

Digital music has been part of the wider music consumption landscape in the UK for quite some time, and it’s now more popular than ever. According to September data from Ipsos MediaCT, in Q3 2013, more consumers in Great Britain consumed music via a digital format than bought a CD—a huge change in fortunes from Q1 2011.

The largest growth during this timeframe came from legal streaming. In Q1 2011, just 7% of respondents consumed music this way; that proportion doubled to 14% by Q3 2013.

But while more consumers than ever are choosing to stream music, where they are streaming it has remained fairly constant. According to a November 2013 study from Kinetic, a substantially greater proportion of UK internet users streamed music while in the home environment than anywhere else. Almost half of all the survey respondents professed to be at home when streaming music content, while a further 9% claimed to be at someone else’s home. Very few streamed music while truly mobile.

With Spotify just recently announcing its plans to offer a free mobile music service, things may change. And this may be helped along by an increased prevalence of 4G services in the UK, offering a more stable streaming experience for consumers. But for now, at least, home is where the music streamer’s heart is.

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