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Cheaper Devices Boost Tablet Sales in Brazil

Android-based devices dominate the market

According to the most recent estimates by International Data Corporation (IDC), 2013 will close with 7.9 million tablets sold in Brazil, a 142% increase over 2012 sales. IDC forecasts further 26.6% growth in 2014, when another 10 million tablets should enter the market in Brazil.

Much of the extra sales are driven by an increasing number of lower-priced devices capturing the attention of middle-income consumers. IDC estimates that 22% of devices sold this year in Brazil were in the BRL500 to BRL1000 ($233 to $465) price range, while the share of devices priced above that range dropped from 40% to 15% in 2013. This suggests that more expensive devices such as iPads, and even desktops and laptops, are losing market share to more competitively priced Android tablets, which accounted for 95% of tablets sold in Brazil in 2013, IDC calculates.

A 2013 study sponsored by Intel and conducted by Ipsos found that 47% of consumers in Brazil are interested in acquiring a tablet. However, even with consumers showing such strong intention to buy, 80% still do not consider the mobile device a replacement for a PC, and only 3% said they ended up chosing a tablet over a laptop or desktop at the moment of purchase.

Possibly a consequence of the multitude of manufacturers using the Android OS, 42% of respondents didn’t have particular brand in mind while shopping for tablets. Still 49% of potential tablet owners looked to families and friends for advice on which model to get, whereas only 28% would buy a device recommended by a store clerk.

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