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Canadians Embrace Mobile for Their Internet Fix

Video viewing tops list of media activities by time spent

According to PHD Canada research commissioned by the Interactive Advertising Bureau of Canada, online adults in the country are spending about 43% of their time with digital on PCs—and nearly 28% on smartphones.

Add in tablets, which acount for 19.1% of total online time, according to the study, and mobile makes up 47% of total online media time—more than 4 percentage points ahead of time spent with PCs.

PHD Canada, for its “Canadian Media Usage Study (CMUST)” report, gathered and analyzed data about time spent with media from multiple sources to arrive at its estimates.

The bulk of online time among internet-using adults in Canada is spent watching video—including video viewed on traditional television sets via over-the-top methods. At an average of 219 minutes per week, social media took a distant second. The “other” category, however, which included nonmedia-specific activities like basic web browsing, email and shopping, accounted for nearly as much time as video viewing—36.9% of the total.

Overall, the study found, 84% of adult internet users in Canada had a desktop or laptop computer, while 56% had a smarthpone and 31% a tablet.

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