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B2B Purchasers Rely on Search

Vendor Websites, search engines and industry information Websites are passing word-of-mouth and trade publications in B2B sale influence, according to Enquiro's "2007 B2B Survey," sponsored by MarketingSherpa and ZoomInfo.

This contradicts other reports which emphasize the importance of word-of-mouth in B2B sales. However, Enquiro studied B2B purchaser responses rather than those of C-level executives, which accounts for the difference.

The Enquiro study found that nearly 70% of purchasers used search engines as their primary B2B research resource, and that Google was the first choice for B2B purchasing research.

Many purchasers relied on B2B vertical search engines to help gather information for negotiations.

The study also examined click-throughs, and found that the first four organic listings captured 52.6% of all click-throughs, with the top organic result capturing 27.1%.

For sponsored listings, the top-listed pay-per-click ad prompted over twice as many click-throughs as the second-highest ad listing.

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