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In Asia-Pacific, Social Media Inspires Travelers

Travelers in the region rely heavily on internet reviews for travel decision-making

For leisure travelers in Asia-Pacific, online peer influence is at the forefront of planning. According to Text100’s “Digital Index: Travel & Tourism” study, conducted by Redshift Research in October 2012, 44% of Asia-Pacific leisure travelers used social media platforms for advice and inspiration regarding travel destinations—more than double the percentage who did the same in the US and EMEA. More than one-third of these travelers also looked to social media to get ideas for attractions, vacation activities and hotels.

The use of social media by Asia-Pacific travelers is significantly different than that of leisure travelers from the US and the EMEA regions. Less than one in five US consumers sought social inspiration for any of these travel activities, and in Europe and South Africa (the only non-European country from the region included in the survey), only about one in seven travelers used social media to get ideas for trips.

When they were ready to actually choose their travel destination, the Text100 survey found that 57% of leisure travelers in Asia-Pacific looked to internet reviews, compared to 38% of US travelers, and 33% of EMEA travelers.

The report also called out travelers in China in particular. China’s leisure travelers were far more likely than the average Asia-Pacific consumer to seek out internet reviews on their path to choosing a travel destination—71% of travelers in China were influenced by online peer reviews.

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