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UK University Students Take Study Breaks with Social, Video

Students like streaming video and TV content—but it better be free

When it’s time to kick back, UK university students turn to social media apps and stream free videos, according to a May 2014 study by NUS Services Research Department for Endsleigh.

Type of Apps/Sites Currently Used by UK University Students, May 2014 (% of respondents)

Among UK university students polled, 87% said they used social media apps. Free video streaming came in a close second, cited by 82% of respondents. Free video streaming’s popularity, as well as that of free TV-on-demand, was likely due to students being away from home—and probably the big screen as a result. And of course, “free” is usually a better choice for students: Just 33% accessed sites where they had to pay to stream films and videos.

Time spent data released in March 2014 from late-2013 polling by UM London and The Student Room highlighted the media preferences of younger consumers in the UK.

Time Spent per Day on Media Activities According to UK Students, 2013* (hours)

Among UK students ages 15 to 21, social networks and online communities grabbed the biggest chunk of daily time spent with media activities, claiming 2.4 hours. Respondents also spent more time watching streamed and prerecorded TV than they did catching up on television shows or viewing live programs.

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