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Online Videos Reel In Australia's Men

18- to 24-year-olds most likely to consume online video

July 18, 2014 | Video

Men are eating up online video in Australia, according to research from Nielsen Online Ratings – Hybrid Streaming. A February 2014 study of online video viewing habits by demographic found that while nearly identical numbers of men and women in the country viewed online videos that month, men watched significantly more videos, and spent more time doing so.

Online Video Viewer Metrics in Australia, by Gender, Feb 2014

Overall, 5.9 million males and 5.8 million females watched online videos that month, with men watching 155 streams, on average, vs. 138 for women—or 12.3% more. They also spent about three-quarters of an hour longer watching those streams.

Online Video Viewer Metrics in Australia, by Age, Feb 2014

Broken down by age, adults in the 18-to-24 group viewed by far the most streams per month, at 252, and spent over 17 hours doing so. That compared with less than 11 hours among 25- to 34-year-olds, the second-place group, and a measly 4 hours 10 minutes among the 50-and-older crowd, who also watched the fewest streams on average.

The same research found YouTube—unsurprisingly—was far and away the top site for streaming videos in Australia, accounting for over 1.1 billion streams in February, with an average time spent among video viewers of 5 hours 43 minutes. Facebook, the second-place site, had fewer than half the number of unique visitors, served a comparatively tiny 82.6 million streams, and drew in viewers for less than an hour each, on average.

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