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Mobile Redesigns Creatives' Careers

Mobile allows creative professionals to capture inspiration and create content on the go

July 7, 2014 | Mobile

Creative professionals still prefer to sit down with a pen and paper for most activities, but mobile devices are reshaping many parts of their jobs. According to May 2014 polling by Edelman Berland for Adobe, 74% of US creative professionals said that mobile was changing the face of creativity and design. The study defined creative professionals as those working in a creative industry such as graphic design, illustration, photography, web design and so forth.

Ways in Which Mobile Devices Have Changed the Creative Process According to US Creative Professionals, May 2014 (% of respondents)

Creatives’ responses indicated that mobile gave them the freedom to do their jobs wherever and whenever. When asked how mobile had changed the creative process, 45% of respondents said it allowed them to capture inspiration on the go, and 42% said they could create content anywhere. Interestingly, 41% of respondents noted that the channel helped them to reach a larger audience—which makes sense given that US consumers continue to adopt and spend more time with mobile devices at a rapid pace.

Types of Mobile Platforms for Which US Creative Professionals Create Content, May 2014 (% of respondents)

Seven in 10 creatives reported creating content for mobile devices. Mobile websites were the most common type of platform for which respondents were creating content, cited by 42%. A close 41% were also working on mobile apps, and 30% said the same for mobile ads.

Nearly nine in 10 respondents (87%) believed that mobile content was having a positive effect on creative, with just 8% saying it had a negative impact, suggesting that mobile usage is facing an even brighter future in the industry.

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