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Argentina's Internet Users Watching the World Cup on Multiple Screens

Over half of web users plan to follow the event online

In a May 2014 Mindshare poll, 96% of internet users in Argentina said they were interested in the 2014 FIFA World Cup, hosted in neighboring Brazil—also the popular favorite to win. It may be the proximity to the host nation or an underlying desire to win on its historic rival’s home turf, but 49% of respondents said they were more interested in this year’s tournament than they were four years ago when South Africa played host to the world’s most viewed sports event.

Media Channels/Devices that Internet Users in Argentina Plan to Use to Follow the 2014 World Cup (% of respondents)

This year is also the first in which simultaneous screen usage has become a reality—and internet users in Argentina are embracing it. So, while TV (96%) was still the main channel World Cup followers planned to use, internet (52%) and mobile phones (21%) came in second and fourth place, respectively.

Large sports events often fuel spikes in television purchases, a trend with which internet users in Argentina aligned, as 36% of respondents said they planned to or had already purchased a new TV. Computers, tablets and smartphones did not get nearly as much a boost, with only 6%, 4% and 3% of respondents citing those devices, respectively.

Digital Platforms/Websites that Internet Users in Argentina Plan to Use to Follow the 2014 World Cup (% of respondents)

Internet users in Argentina keeping up with the tournament online will be social, too. Two-thirds of respondents to the survey said they would be following the event via Facebook, making it the most popular digital property. Twitter was mentioned by 22% of internet users, and other social networks were cited by 14% of respondents.

Digital followers of the World Cup in Argentina also appeared to have the intention to watch games on multiple screens. TV channel websites (58%) and specialized World Cup sites (50%) rounded out the top three digital platforms/websites internet users were planning to leverage.

eMarketer predicts Argentina will have 27.1 million internet users this year, as well as 13.1 million mobile phone internet users, 18.2 million Facebook users and 3.7 million Twitter users.

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