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Smartphone Users in Mexico Following World Cup on Their Phones

Nearly all smartphone users plan to share World Cup content in some way

Smartphone users in Mexico will be leveraging their phones to avoid missing out during the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil. According to a May 2014 Interactive Advertising Bureau study conducted by On Device Research in 11 countries worldwide, 56% of the nation’s smartphone users who planned to follow the tournament said they would do so on such a device—a close second behind TV (60%). Respondents from Mexico were also more likely to plan on following the tournament on their smartphones than the global average of 48%.

Media Channels/Devices that Smartphone Users in Mexico Plan to Use to Follow the 2014 World Cup (% of respondents)

Despite TV’s ubiquity in Mexico (more common than toilets and running water in the country), smartphone users were more likely to be planning to follow the World Cup by using any digital means other than TV. In fact, TV sets were the only device less mentioned by respondents in Mexico than those in all countries polled. In that category, the worldwide average was 63%—3 percentage points higher than in Mexico.

In all likelihood, the rigid work policies still prevalent in Mexico (VPNs and telecommuting are rare) are pushing soccer fans to rely on their mobile devices to watch the event. Fully 37% of smartphone users who planned to follow the event on their phones said their main motivation to use the device in connection with the World Cup was to watch games while they were at work, commuting or just generally out of home.

This is also the first World Cup during which smartphone owners in Mexico expect to take advantage of simultaneous screen usage. Among those who planned to use more than one device to follow the monthlong event, 34% said they would watch games on TV while using their smartphones at the same time. Another 28% said they planned to simultaneously watch different games on TV and their phones.

Ways in Which Smartphone Users in Mexico Plan to Share 2014 World Cup Content (% of respondents)

Smartphone users in Mexico were also planning to be highly social, with 95% saying they would share World Cup content in some way. Facebook was the most cited platform (60%), followed by instant messaging apps like WhatsApp (44%) and Twitter (32%).

eMarketer expects Mexico to have 34.1 million smartphone users this year, as well as 47.2 million social networkers, 44.4 million Facebook users and 7.7 million Twitter users.

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