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Will Millennial UK Consumers Notice World Cup Sponsors?

Young internet users in the UK prefer official sports events sponsors

Do official sponsorships of sporting events such as the Olympics or World Cup pay off? According to a May 2014 study conducted by Voxburner, they do—at least when it comes to younger UK consumers.

Attitudes Toward Brand Sponsorships of Sports Events Among UK Millennial Internet Users, May 2014 (% of respondents)

UK millennial internet users studied—those ages 16 to 24—showed a strong preference toward official sponsors of sports events, with 66% agreeing with the statement, “It matters to me that brands celebrating a sports event are official sponsors and feature the official logo.” The majority also disagreed with a statement suggesting they didn’t notice sponsors.

And World Cup sponsors take note: Respondents agreed that they were more attracted to products celebrating events, such as the FIFA soccer tournament, in their packaging or promotions.

Based on their responses, UK millennials appeared to view unofficial sponsors less favorably, supporting organizers policing their events to prevent unofficial sponsors from receiving publicity, and not fans of “ambush marketing.”

Looking specifically at the World Cup, one-third of respondents were not able to identify a single sponsor of this year’s event, but among those who could, official sponsors reigned supreme, mostly recognized above nonofficial ones.

Leading Social Media Sites for Sports Information According to Sports Fans in Western Europe*, Nov 2013 (% of respondents)

Official or unofficial, sponsors may want to include Facebook marketing as part of their campaigns. In France, Germany and the UK combined, Facebook beat out Twitter as the leading social media site for sports information, at 46% of sports fans vs. just 12%, according to a November 2013 study from Eurosport conducted by dres consulting.

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