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Millennial Mothers in the UK Are Massively Mobile

Mobile is key to millennial mothers’ daily routines

May 22, 2014 | Demographics | Mobile

The UK’s modern mother is very much a digital one, and she’s highly likely to connect to the mobile internet.

Mothers vs. Total Population in Select Countries Who Access the Internet via Mobile Device, 2013 (% of respondents in each group)

In April 2014, Kantar Media TGI reported that 49.9% of mothers in Great Britain with kids ages 0 to 5 accessed the internet via a mobile device in 2013, vs. just 29.9% of Great Britain’s total population. Mothers from other countries in the study were also less likely to access the mobile internet—only 39.4% of mothers in China, the second-highest percentage, did so.

However, while mothers in the UK are, as a whole, prodigious users of the mobile internet, those who fall within the millennial cohort—generally presumed to be the most mobile generation—are even more reliant on their mobile devices.

April 2014 research from BabyCentre found that millennial mothers in the UK—females ages 18 to 32 and either expectant or with children under the age of 9—were highly likely to own mobile devices and to use them heavily.

Daily Time Spent with Media Among UK Mother Internet Users, Millennials vs. Gen X, April 2014 (hours)

According to polling, 86% of UK millennial mother internet users owned a smartphone in 2014, while a further 70% owned a tablet. But more than simply owning them, they were likely to spend a significant amount of time with them, particularly compared with their Generation X counterparts.

BabyCentre found that, in a typical day, millennial internet mothers spent over 3 hours with their smartphone and tablet devices. Generation X internet-using mothers, meanwhile, spent just 2 hours and 25 minutes with mobile devices.

Purchases Made via Smartphone by UK Mother Smartphone Users, Millennials vs. Gen X, April 2014 (% of respondents in each group)

The BabyCentre study also revealed that millennial mothers in the UK were accomplished mobile shoppers. While 82% of both millennial and Generation X smartphone-toting mothers had bought clothes or shoes via their mobile devices, larger proportions of millennials had purchased travel (66% vs. 56%), food/groceries (57% vs. 50%) and children’s products (55% vs. 48%).

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