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In Asia-Pacific, Mobile Brands Rule the Social Scene

Social networkers in Australia, Japan exhibit different behaviors than the rest of the region

Mobile dominates the hearts and minds of digital shoppers in Asia-Pacific who follow brands on social media. In virtually every country in the region studied by Waggener Edstrom in 2013, digital shoppers were most likely to follow mobile device brands. Only in Australia and Japan did shoppers find other brands more appealing on social services.

Brands that Digital Shoppers in Select Countries in Asia-Pacific Follow on Social Media, by Product Category, 2013 (% of respondents)

In India, Indonesia and Vietnam—countries with less developed internet markets and therefore digital populations more likely to access the web solely via mobile—more than nine in 10 respondents said they followed mobile device brands. Over eight in 10 did so in China, Hong Kong and the Philippines, with high levels also reported by respondents in Singapore and South Korea.

Digital shoppers in Australia were most likely to say they followed food and beverage brands, but at 28%, the figure was comparable with followers in other product categories. In Japan, consumer electronics edged out mobile devices and travel and tourism—but again, comparable levels of following across product categories other than healthcare were reported.

Ways that Digital Shoppers in Select Countries in Asia-Pacific Engage with Brands on Social Media, by Age, 2013 (% of respondents)

How digital shoppers actually engage with the brands they follow on social media differs along similar lines—with mature markets Australia and Japan reporting significantly different behaviors than other countries studied in the region.

Digital shoppers in Australia were most likely to say they had participated in contests and giveaways, while those in Japan were most likely to say they had clicked on ads. Among the under-35 set, digital shoppers in Australia favored deals and promotions, as well.

But in other countries, obtaining information about products and services tended to be No. 1.

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