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Viewability Is Key to Clicks

Clickthroughs rose by over 50% for in-view ads

Much marketer focus has turned to whether their rich media ads are even in-view, which would likely affect whether the ads are clicked on or result in conversions. And research suggests that for ads that are not in-view, the difference in clicks is significant.

Digital advertising solutions provider MediaMind reported that overall, rich media ads boasted a 0.22% clickthrough rate. However, for ads that were actually viewable—defined as 50% viewable for at least one second—clickthrough rates averaged 0.34%, a 54.5% lift.

Clickthrough Rate (CTR) vs. Viewable CTR* (vCTR) of Rich Media Ads Worldwide, Sep 2012

The significance of viewability rose further when measuring conversions. Post-click conversions rose in tandem with clickthrough rates. And once ads reached 60% viewability, and kept rising, clicks—and post-click conversions—rose alongside.

Clickthrough and Post-Click Conversion Rate of Rich Media Ads Worldwide, by Viewability, Sep 2012

What’s the solution for marketers? Ensuring ads appear above the fold is, of course, ideal, but not always possible—and it costs money to do so. Perhaps one lesson here is that more expensive placements simply get better results.

Marketers can also look beyond viewability in the hopes that ads placed alongside engaging content, in front of an appropriate audience, will be seen whether they are further down the page or not.

Ad size can also make a difference: AdSafe Media found select ad unit sizes were more visible than others. The most vertical ad units, wide skyscrapers (160 x 600), saw the greatest number of in-view impressions, followed by the common medium rectangle (250 x 300) and finally, leaderboards (728 x 90).

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