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Across Industries, RTB Spend Up in Australia

Of top 10 industries, arts and entertainment made greatest RTB push

November 13, 2012 | Media Buying

Spending on display ads purchased via real-time bidding is growing worldwide, with advertisers enticed by the lower-cost and higher-targeting reward that RTB offers. In Australia, some of the biggest industries have caught on with the trend and are upping their RTB spend at a pace well above overall display ad spending growth rates.

The Rubicon Project, an online advertising company, tracked activity on its real-time trading platform in Q3 to measure RTB spend in select industries in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, the US and the UK. Of all these countries, Australia was the only one in which RTB spend went up in every major industry measured. Even the news, a contracting industry and global loser in RTB spend, decreasing 45% worldwide, increased its RTB spending in Australia by 30% over the prior quarter.

Health and fitness was one of the only industries in Australia in which RTB spend grew at a lower rate than the worldwide increase.

Change in Real-Time Bidding (RTB) Spending for Select Advertising Categories in Select Countries, Q3 2012 (% change vs. prior quarter)

Of the top 10 advertising categories in the country, arts and entertainment had the greatest RTB spend increase in Q3 (146%), followed by travel (115%), suggesting that these industries are placing greater emphasis on finding their target audience, rather than spending money on blanket advertising efforts. Automotive, always a high-spend industry and the third-biggest RTB industry in Australia, increased its spending by 97% in Q3.

Top 10 Advertisers and Advertising Categories in Australia, Ranked by Real-Time Bidding (RTB) Spending, Q3 2012 (% change vs. prior quarter)

Individual advertisers are making some of the biggest pushes into RTB spend. Of the top RTB advertisers in the country, dominated by companies in the personal finance, business and auto sectors, online classified site Gumtree made the greatest further RTB investment, increasing spend by a whopping 7,732% to rise from the bottom 200 RTB advertisers to the No. 5 spot in a single quarter. The company is clearly making a big bet on the payoff RTB can offer.

Tiger Airways was another major RTB advertiser to rise into the top 10 from a distant spot. Investment grew 2,213% to make the advertiser No. 9 in RTB spend.

The No. 1 and No. 3 RTB advertisers in Australia, the Commonwealth Bank of Australia and ING Direct—both finance companies—decreased their spending on RTB, suggesting that some advertisers who have already pushed hard into the arena are now starting to balance out those efforts.

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