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Vietnam Tops Online Video Viewing Penetration in Asia-Pacific

Indonesia ranks low

September 17, 2012 | Video

Online video is becoming a favorite activity among internet users, drawing them in for lengthier stays and prodding them to return for more. In Asia-Pacific, a region with a massive population increasing its online presence every day, internet users have shown particular enthusiasm for online videos.

In June, comScore found that among the Asia-Pacific countries studied, Vietnam had the highest concentration of online video viewers: Nearly nine in 10 internet users in the country watched online video, compared to an average of 83.1% worldwide.

Online Video Viewers in Select Countries in Asia-Pacific, June 2012 (millions and % reach)

Video is likely contributing to internet users in Vietnam spending more time on the web. comScore found in April that the Southeast Asian country exceeded the worldwide average for monthly time spent online (29.8 hours vs. 23.8 hours), though it still fell far short of the US (39.6 hours).

Not all internet activities have captured the young-skewing audience in Vietnam, however. The country has proven less receptive to social networking, posting the lowest penetration in Southeast Asia and the least time spent on social networking sites, according to comScore.

In Indonesia, also home to a young population, the reverse is the case. The country is wild for social networking, but online video is not nearly as popular. Indonesia posted the lowest online video penetration in the region, at only 67%.

But in terms of the average number of videos each individual watched, no country came close to Japan, at 242.5 per viewer in June—52% more than the worldwide average and over 100 more videos than the average viewer watched in Vietnam.

Online Video Viewers in Select Countries in Asia-Pacific, June 2012

May projections from Cisco Systems suggest online video will only become more popular across Asia-Pacific. The company estimated that Asia-Pacific had the highest regional online video traffic worldwide, and that lead will grow through 2016 when Asia-Pacific will see more than double the online video traffic of North America.

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