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Marketers Leverage a Mix of Tools and Tactics

Online video and social media advertising are garnering attention

US marketing professionals are leveraging more tools as they embark on each new individual campaign or program, and social media is taking a larger role in terms of spending and usage.

In the “Marketing Tools Study 2012” from digital marketing technology and services company PointRoll and Kelton Research, US marketing professionals reported using multiple tools in each campaign they execute. More than half of respondents used more than five tools in a single advertising and marketing campaign, with 33% saying they averaged five to six, 15% saying seven to nine and 13% saying they used an average of 10 or more.

Average Number of Tools Used by US Marketing Professionals in a Single Ad/Marketing Campaign, Jan 2012 (% of respondents)

As marketers spread their time and resources across digital, social media is becoming a bigger piece of the puzzle. Looking at spending on advertising and marketing tactics, 79% of US marketing professionals said they plan to increase spending on social media marketing or ads in the next 12 months, with mobile and tablet spending not far behind, at 75% and 66%, respectively, as the next areas that will see budget growth.

Change* in Spending for Ad/Marketing Tactics According to US Marketing Professionals, Jan 2012 (% of respondents)

As spending increases for social media, so will the weight marketers place on this channel. In the study, 24% of respondents said that social media will be the most-used tactic in the ad industry this year, tied with search advertising and only slightly ahead of display advertising, at 22%. And looking at the specific trends for 2012, these same respondents highlighted cross-screen media (40%), Facebook marketing (37%) and social gaming (22%) as some of the top trends in marketing and technology.

Marketers must be proficient in several different areas and technologies, especially as they begin to use different tools in tandem across a single campaign. And as consumers continue to leverage social media sites, social networks are becoming a key advertising tactic, which marketers are increasingly investing their time and resources in trying to make work for them.

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