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iPad Ad 'Wow Factor' Boosts Purchase Intent

Placements on the tablet device garner more positive attitudes toward advertisers

January 24, 2011 | Advertising & Marketing | Mobile

iPad advertising offers marketers a number of opportunities to step up their efforts and put to good use the tablet’s large, sharp screen and other features that allow users to be more engaged than they could be with a static ad. And in the minds of users, that interactivity and engagement translate to greater involvement with the brand’s message and higher purchase intent.

In a study by Alex Wang, PhD, sponsored by Adobe, participants viewed either a print or iPad version of Wired magazine and responded to questions about the ads they had seen. Advertisements in both editions came from the same brands and had similar creative, but the iPad versions were interactive rather than static. Respondents also answered questions about a single, specific ad to determine purchase intent.

While recall was similar for both print and iPad advertisements, in all other metrics studied the interactive ads took the lead. Users considered iPad ads more interactive and engaging, and had higher message involvement and more positive attitudes toward the ads. And purchase intent was about 59% higher after seeing an interactive ad vs. a print ad.

Advertising Effectiveness Metrics for Print vs. Digital Magazine Ads, Oct 2010 (on a scale of 1-9*)

A similar study by UM (formerly Universal McCann) and Time Inc. found in September 2010 that high percentages of iPad owners reported paying more attention to magazine advertisements on their device if they took advantage of the opportunity to use striking photos, bright visuals and interactivity.

Types of Magazine Ads US iPad Owners Pay More Attention to on iPads, Sep 2010 (% of respondents)

Participants in the UM/Time study were interested in a number of specific features that would make static magazine ads more dynamic and engaging on iPads, including video, extra product information, photo galleries and slideshows, and 360-degree views of products advertised.

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