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Boosting Conversion with More Engaging Ads

Users who ‘dwell’ convert

May 6, 2010 | Advertising & Marketing | Video

In 2009, digital advertising solutions provider Eyeblaster set out to go beyond the click and measure user engagement with online ads according to a broader set of actions dubbed “dwell.” Users dwell when they mouse over an ad, or interact with a rich media placement, for example.

The company’s “Global Benchmark 2010” report analyzed dwell metrics for billions of rich media impressions served in 2009 and found that high dwell correlated with high engagement, brand-related searches and ultimately conversion. An increase in dwell rate from 5% to 15% translated to an increase in conversion from 0.4% to 0.6%, up 45%.

Joint research conducted by Eyeblaster with Microsoft Advertising and comScore also found that high-dwell campaigns led to a 39% increase in brand-related keyword searches on the part of exposed users.

By contrast, campaigns with low dwell rates lifted brand-related searches just 12%. Traffic, page views and time spent on advertisers’ sites were also better for high-dwell campaigns.

How to achieve high dwell rates? Video continues to provide significant lift in worldwide dwell rates and dwell time compared with non-video ads.

Dwell Rate and Dwell Time Worldwide, Nonvideo Ads vs. Video Ads, 2009

Placement also has an effect; ads on pages with editorial content users will spend time reading showed better dwell metrics. And ad formats such as commercial breaks and floating ads perform better than standard banners.

US Online Advertising Metrics, by Rich Media Format*, 2009

“It’s encouraging to see the same metric applicable to different marketing objectives,” said Gal Trifon, CEO and co-founder at Eyeblaster, in a statement. “The connection between engagement and conversions emphasizes the value of digital display as a response medium, while the joint research with Microsoft Advertising shows clear branding correlation.”

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