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Millennials Big on Blogs

Young adults biggest readers, writers

April 26, 2010 | Social Media

The generation of young adults known as millennials is often described as the first group to have come of age in a highly Internet-connected world. They expect to be able to use the Web and other technology to communicate with and learn about the world.

Research from BlogHer and iVillage, co-sponsored by Ketchum and The Nielsen Company, shows they are the most likely group to take advantage of those abilities through blogging.

In blog readership, millennials only slightly edge out members of Generations X and Y for the top spot. But when it comes to writing blogs, Internet users ages 18 to 25 dominate, making up about two-fifths of all blog writers surveyed. Older users were more likely to be blog readers while not blogging themselves.

US Blog Readers and Writers*, by Generation, March 2010 (% of respondents)

The Pew Internet and American Life Project reported in February 2010 that Internet users ages 18 to 29 were about one-third more likely to say they blogged than those 30 and older. PostRelease and Synovate found in late 2009 that respondents ages 18 to 24 blogged at more than twice the average rate.

Bloggers of all ages polled by BlogHer and iVillage overwhelmingly blogged for pleasure, with self-expression the No. 1 reason, followed by “fun.” One-half of bloggers wanted to give advice, and fewer than one-third hoped to earn money with their efforts.

Reasons that US Bloggers* Write Blogs, March 2010 (% of respondents)

Fall 2009 research from Technorati showed that bloggers gain in many less tangible ways from their activities, such as by becoming more visible and authoritative in their industry.

eMarketer estimates that nearly 31 million US Internet users write blogs in 2010 and more than 104 million read them.

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