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Web Users in France Trust Internet Most

Karin von Abrams
eMarketer Senior Analyst

November 12, 2009 | Retail & Ecommerce

The Internet continues to gain ground as a decisive medium for shoppers in France, according to a recent survey of Web users.

In a survey of Internet users in the country, Nurun and Ifop found that the Web was rated most highly as a medium providing information relevant to a purchase—surpassing both television and print advertising. Radio, in-store and outdoor advertising were judged least effective in conveying information.

Media Considered Most Informative for Purchase Decisions by Internet Users in France, July 2009 (% of respondents)

Asked which medium they considered most trustworthy, respondents again gave the Internet top marks. A full 29% said they had confidence in the Web to provide them with guidance relevant to their purchases. Television came second, with one in five respondents expressing confidence in what they saw there.

Media Considered to Be Most Trustworthy* According to Internet Users in France, July 2009 (% of respondents)

Crucially, the Internet tied with television as the medium that most often created a desire to purchase. In this category, in-store advertising placed third—perhaps because many shoppers in a store already have the intention to buy, and are relatively receptive to attractive in-store marketing.

Media that Increase the Desire to Make a Purchase According to Internet Users in France, July 2009 (% of respondents)

The Ifop/Nurun study also looked at the Internet’s influence on purchase in a number of market sectors, such as travel, automotive and consumer goods.

In the travel sector, content seen on the Web (including advertising, brand Websites, price comparison sites, portals and other features) was found to have roughly three times as much decisive influence on purchases of flights, hotel accommodation and car rentals as ads or programming on television.

The Internet’s advantage was also striking in the automotive market. More than one-half (53%) of survey respondents said the Internet was a “decisive” factor in their consideration of a motor vehicle purchase, compared to 26% who said press coverage was decisive, and 25% who said TV advertising or content played the most decisive role.

In the realm of consumer goods, the survey found that although major brands were still putting greater emphasis on TV and radio, the Web matched the power of those traditional channels to influence potential buyers. Many CPG advertisers in France already recognize the cost-effectiveness of the Internet, but others clearly stand to gain by shifting some investment to the online channel.

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