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Monetizing Mobile Ads

Success beyond SMS

August 4, 2009 | Mobile

The US mobile sector is growing.

eMarketer estimates there will be 280.8 million mobile phone subscribers by year-end 2009.

comScore Mobile pegs the figure slightly lower—233 million, including 29 million smartphone users.

That amounts to more than 200 million targets for mobile advertisements—a medium projected by eMarketer to reach $760 million in spending in 2009.

US Mobile Advertising Spending, 2008-2013 (millions and % change)

In 2013, the market will hit $3.3 billion, notching double-digit yearly growth.

But according to the “Wired: Connecting to the Mobile Marketing Revolution” report from comScore Mobile, some types of companies are doing a better job of capitalizing on this than others.

In April 2009, broadcasting and cable TV, movies and entertainment, and automobile manufacturing were the leading industries using mobile ads.

Leading US Industries, Ranked by Share of Mobile Advertising Instances, May 2008 & April 2009

“Over the past year there’s also been more promotion of ‘traditional’ industries like personal products, apparel, packaged foods and food retail,” wrote Evan Neufeld of comScore Mobile in the report.

Certain industries are also seeing great success monetizing their mobile ads.

Downloads, real estate, services and search pages each had 100% of their mobile ad inventory paid for.

US Mobile Advertising Monetization Rates, by Industry, April 2009

Struggling with monetization were home and family, health and business information companies.

“Only one-fifth of all mobile inventory are house ads,” continued Mr. Neufeld. “The supply and demand dynamic is reminiscent of the early Internet.”

That could portend big things for the future of mobile advertising. Really.

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